Star Wars Star Jake Lloyd: His Secret 10-Month Rehab Battle!


Star Wars Star Jake Lloyd: His Secret 10-Month Rehab Battle!


Peter Cover


It seems the Force has not been so kind to a former Jedi youngling in the galaxy of rumors far, far away. That’s right, readers—Jake Lloyd—who won our hearts as the diminutive pod-racing phenom Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.”

After a few decades, it appears that our former space hero has suffered from mental health issues brought on by the Dark Side.

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From fighting Sith Lords to fighting his own mind, Lloyd’s path has taken a dramatic turn, according to a report as compelling as a Sarlacc pit.

Jake’s mother Lisa Lloyd disclosed that her son has spent the last ten months receiving treatment at a mental health facility after experiencing a “psychotic break” that was so realistic that it could have been directed by none other than George Lucas.

Imagine a McDonald’s run gone wrong, resulting in a car stopping in the middle of the road and a cacophony of screaming and screeching that would make Chewbacca hide his ears.

Let’s address the Bantha in the room now, before we move on: mental health is a serious matter, and we are not here to make fun of anyone who suffer from it.

Nevertheless, you’ve officially reached TMZ territory when your insane outburst creates a traffic gridlock as bad as Coruscant rush hour, my friend.

When Jake’s mother referred to what he was eating as “word salad,” it wasn’t a nutritious lunch choice; rather, it was a combination of rambling, unintelligible speech that was frequently associated with schizophrenia, a disorder that had been looming large over Jake’s life since 2008.

When the police finally arrive on the scene, they most likely anticipate dealing with a straightforward case of traffic disturbance, but instead they are sucked into a bizarre plot twist involving a former child star and a mental health issue.

It’s similar to “Cops” and “The Phantom Menace,” but with more drama from real life and less Jar Jar Binks. After this incident, Lloyd was hospitalized and then admitted to a rehab center where he spent eighteen months trying to overcome his demons.

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And it appears that there may be fresh hope in sight, since tidings indicate that Jake is improving, growing more gregarious, and perhaps even rediscovering the skill of human connection.

Recall that this is the same Jake Lloyd who, during a cross-country pursuit with the police in 2015, caused a wreck and was sentenced to ten months in prison as well as additional counseling.

It’s as though a Hollywood screenwriter fixated on dramatic irony wrote the screenplay for his life. It is evident from Jake Lloyd’s story that even people who were previously in charge of the Force might encounter difficulties from other forces.

Hopefully, his tale will progress in the direction of a redemption arc deserving of the Skywalker moniker.

We’ll be here, lightsabers ready, to bring you the most recent news on this epic drama in the interim. Jake, may the Force (as well as excellent mental health support) be with you.

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