Glitzy Palm Beachers Clamor for Coveted “Class of Palm Beach” Nod!


Glitzy Palm Beachers Clamor for Coveted “Class of Palm Beach” Nod!


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Residents of Palm Beach are in a desperate attempt to showcase their opulent attire and high-end accessories by being included in the illustrious list of the city’s best-dressed individuals.

The affluent citizens of the South Florida beach resort are well-known, but now there’s a new social status symbol to aim for: being featured on ‘Class of Palm Beach.’

Class of Palm Beach showcases the best-dressed people in town and asks them where they got their stylish attire. The video has received millions of views on TikTok.

The creator of the enormously famous social media page is a local Millennial who frequently saw herself approaching affluent individuals on the street and inquiring about the designer stores where they had purchased their accessories and clothing.


Some residents of Palm Beach have grown so desperate to feature on the account, which has 672,000 followers, that they stand in line for hours on the busiest street in the hopes of catching the attention of the popular administrator.

This Palm Beach resident looked stunning with an Oscar de la Renta pair of earrings, a bright pink Lily Pulitzer dress, and a Hublot watch.

In an attempt to attract the attention of the account owner, Bridgette Pheloung, 26, and her twin sister Danielle, dressed alike and went out on Worth Avenue carrying fancy handbags.

The social media account interviews a woman who is decked up in a Gucci outfit, matching Gucci shoes, and an orange Hermes Birkin.


In an attempt to get the attention of the account owner, Bridgette Pheloung, 26, and her twin sister Danielle appeared on Worth Avenue decked out in similar ensembles, replete with high-end handbags.

“Me and Danielle just put on our best outfits, we even have our designer bags, and we’re on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach,” said Pheloung, also known on social media as Acquired Style.

She informed her followers, “We’re just going to stand here and wait until Class of Palm Beach comes to us and tries to interview us.”

The pair was dressed in identical blue and white Amanda Uprichard rompers, which sell for $255 apiece.


Bridgette accessorized her $11,000 baby pink quilted Chanel purse with a romper, while Danielle accessorized hers with a less expensive $3,00 white Prada shoulder bag.

Wearing vibrant designer costumes, this chic couple enjoyed a day in Palm Beach.

A mother and daughter pair looked quite stylish in one of the fashion videos, flaunting their “old-money” ensembles. While the daughter’s extremely stylish mother wore a Ralph Lauren jacket (about $700), a Brooks Brothers white button-up shirt ($200), and a Hermes silk scarf (may cost up to $4,000), the daughter described her silk Prada shirt ($1,550), Hermes bracelet ($700), and a Tiffany & Co. watch (can range up to $8,600).

The woman on the right was decked up in a Hermes belt and scarf, while the woman on the left was wearing a Zimmermann dress, a Hermes purse, and Van Cleef jewelry.


The chic woman on the right was decked up in an ATM sweater, Hermes sandals, Zara trousers, an Isabel Marant belt, and a Dior purse, while her pal on the left was sporting an Agolde jacket and clutching a Naghedi bag.

The “Class of Palm Beach” founder disclosed to that she has been “bombarded” with requests for access to the account via emails and texts.

People have pleaded with Devorah Ezagui to “come find me” as they jump about Palm Beach, hoping to be included in a video, according to Ezagui.

Even during gatherings, Ezagui claimed that individuals had angrily approached her and asked to be included on the account.


When desperate Palm Beachers approach her at the wrong moment, she claims she’s compelled to ‘beat about the bush’ or even flee.

Although the Pheloung twins haven’t yet been included in the elite list of best dressed, many elegant Palm Beach residents have.

Many of the guys are wearing fancy loafers and costly watches, while residents seem to be dressing in Lily Pulitzer outfits and carrying Birkin bags as usual attire.

A mother and daughter pair looked quite stylish in one of the fashion videos, flaunting their “old-money” ensembles.


The daughter’s casual everyday ensemble totaled an astounding $15,400, including her silk Prada blouse ($1,550), Ferragamo shoes ($950), Valentino (around $3,600), Hermes bracelet ($700), and Tiffany & Co. watch (may cost up to $8,600).

Her mother, who is very stylish, was dressed in a Ralph Lauren blazer (about $700), a white button-up shirt from Brooks Brothers ($200), a Cartier (up to $23,000), a David Webb pearl and diamond baroque cocktail ring (resale value of $16,500), a Hermes silk scarf (up to $4,000), and Hermes slip-on loafers ($1,250).

The woman on the right flaunted her Birkin bag, while the Palm Beacher on the left sported a Nordstrom dress with a Chanel purse.

This mother-daughter pair received a spot on the Class of Palm Beach account for their casual yet elegant attire for their iced coffee run in Palm Beach.


This chic lady accessorized with Gucci shoes, a Gucci tie, and a Jonathan Simkhai dress. She also carried a Dolce & Gabbana purse.

A woman wearing an exquisite floral ensemble, accessorized with a purple Hermes purse, Hermes shoes, and an array of diamond bracelets around her wrist, is captured on camera by Class of Palm Beach when she is stopped in the street.

The pair’s manner drew criticism from viewers, who referred to their relationship as “awkward” and made the joke “when you’re so rich you don’t know how to talk to anybody.”

Some commenters noted the pair’s “old money” aura and expressed disbelief at the high price of some of their possessions, particularly the $16,500 David Webb ring.


In other videos, composed Palm Beach locals flaunt their vibrant Hermes Birkin and Kelly handbags, which are exclusively available to customers who have a strong relationship with the French luxury label.

The wrists of Palm Beachers frequently sport an array of iced-out designer bracelets.

Numerous ladies and men shown on the account are similarly well-dressed, with many sporting Rolex Daytonas and gold Cartier Tanks.

While many Palm Beach locals who appear on the TikTok page wear elegant, neutral-toned ensembles, there are occasions when the videos highlight daring individuals who have stepped outside of their comfort zone.


During the interview, a woman was seen sporting an orange Hermes Birkin and a garish matching set of Gucci shoes.

Another woman was photographed with a hijab, fuchsia earrings, and a bright pink shift dress.

Devorah Ezagui, the account’s owner, lives in Palm Beach.

The 28-year-old stylist and designer Ezagui has amassed a cult following on her @devora.e and @ip.tebrand accounts in addition to her Class of Palm Beach account.


After residing in New York City and returning to Palm Beach, where she had spent her youth, the account’s founder thought of the idea. There, she would frequently approach strangers on the street and inquire about their attire.

One of the two women on Class of Palm Beach is dressed in a green dress and shoes, while the other is decked up in a Chanel outfit that includes a purse and a pearl necklace by the fashion designer.

This stylish trio, who are strolling along Worth Avenue, the busiest street in Palm Beach, are dressed to the nines. They are wearing a lot of Chanel, along with pieces from Balmain, Cartier, and Alice & Olivia.

A sophisticated woman held a vivid pink Hermes purse with black leather accents.


Founder Ezagui described the Palm Beach way of life as “wearing to the grocery store” in sharp contrast to the “Real Housewives of Miami” kind.

One woman, who appeared on the TikTok page, flaunts her summer ensemble, which includes a chic yellow-gold Cartier watch on her wrist and a pink Hermes Kelly purse.

For, Ezagui said that ‘classy’ would be her adjective to sum up Palm Beach inhabitants.

According to her, Palm Beachers “need to feel good, look good, and impress people.”


According to the stylist, she can see people she interviews on the street wearing luxury clothing anyplace, including at the grocery store or gas station. Palm Beachers always dress to impress.

The ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ kind is a far cry from the Palm Beach way of life, which Ezagui described as ‘wearing to the grocery store’.

The preponderance of white people in the Class of Palm Beach films has drawn criticism from some viewers, but Ezagui has defended the demography, claiming it is representative of Palm Beach residents.

According to Ezagui, over 75% of the people in Palm Beach that she has spoken to have quickly consented to be in her movies.


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