Dinner Party Drama: Exposing the Dark Secrets of Male Infidelity!


Dinner Party Drama: Exposing the Dark Secrets of Male Infidelity!


Peter Cover


Admitted: I was in a relationship with a guy who appeared ideal. In addition to being attractive, intelligent, and emotionally open, he stood six feet tall.

Up until a heated moment, everything was well. Then, though, I observed something strange: he would gently draw my attention to his behind.

He specifically asked me to use my tongue in that place, and while I’m not a prude, I will politely decline.

One night, after a few glasses, he finally brought it up. I said, “I can’t,” in response to his question about why I wouldn’t want to treat his bot-bot like a lollypop. With sashimi, I’m the same.

It’s possible that some people would appreciate this exquisite Japanese treat, but I just can’t get over the fact that it’s still raw fish. I’m quite sure I have the same feelings for butts.

Jana Hocking was in a relationship with a six-foot-tall, attractive, intellectual, and emotionally transparent man.

Still, he would try to lead me in the same route each time we took our kit off, and eventually I had to leave our relationship. It was starting to irritate me, and I had no desire to have sex with that specific area of his body.

Then I had a revelation last week. It dawned on me instantly why guys cheat.

I had this revelation when I got lucky at a dinner party and sat next to a really intriguing person with an interesting profession.

We discussed our chosen careers after putting an end to all the polite conversation starters like the weather and travel.

These days, I’m the one who answers the zillionth question about my profession. ‘You write about sex and dating?’ ‘What does your family think?’ ‘Aren’t you afraid guys won’t want to date you?’ Blah blah blah.

Tonight, though, was distinct. I was seated across from a brothel madam tonight.

She clarified that she had used the proceeds from her acrimonious divorce to purchase the company. She’d wanted to do it for years, and now that she was free, she jumped straight in, seeking a welcome diversion from her failed romantic relationships.

Jana just experienced a revelation, understanding why men deceive.

She gave me a number of interesting facts about her work, but there was one in particular that piqued my interest. She told me that married guys made up a significant portion of her customers when I questioned how many of them frequented her shop.

But her logic caused me to pause and consider.

She claimed that most of them come here to indulge certain quirks that they don’t feel comfortable requesting from their wives.

Yes, the well-known “Madonna-Whore Complex.” coined by Sigmund Freud, the man who founded psychoanalysis.

According to his definition, this disorder “is said to develop in men who see women as either saintly Madonnas or debased prostitutes.” It is the inability to maintain sexual desire within a committed, loving relationship. It divides women into the contaminated and the pure, two straightforward groups.

While many men feel at ease making love to their spouses, many are reluctant to express their kinky fantasies. Rather, they look for other avenues, including brothels.

And now for a contentious viewpoint… It’s OK with me. Assume, for instance, that I had persisted in my relationship with Mr. Perfect, and he was content to have a professional “seen to” his behind. I believe I could live with it.

Alternatively, let’s imagine that someone else finds their Mr. Perfect and, in private, wants to run about the room in a diaper and want to be spanked, or suck toes. Would it really be that horrible if he went to see the local brothel and met Janice* to get that kink out? We got to see the sweet lovemaking in the interim.

Heck, I’d much rather my spouse see a specialist than approach the office hottie who could be ready to pull out the tools of bondage. A brief roll in the hay with someone they won’t be texting later seems more safer, but we’ve all seen how nasty things can go.

Don’t get me wrong, but I believe that many men would be shocked to learn that their wives are content to add some kinky fun to their romantic relationships. Oh my god, just read through some of the sultry secrets that I post from ladies every Monday night on my Instagram. We’re all raucous people at heart, so why not try bringing up the subject before you throw away a large sum of money someplace else?

Jana believes that many husbands would be shocked to learn that their wives are content to add some spice to their romantic relationships.

However, you have additional alternatives if none of that works and you’re both at a loss for what to do. It may even improve your relationship! You’re not concerned that he’ll go off and have an emotional affair with someone else, nor is he feeling like he’s missing out on something he would like to explore.

I might also add that she volunteered to take a few of us on a tour of the brothel after dinner, and all I can say is, wow! It was not what I had anticipated.

I was happy that I was able to finally have a peek inside this institution since I had been walking by it for years, knowing exactly what type of place it was.

Although it had a somewhat rugged outside, the interior is quite soft! The waiting area included crimson velvet sofas and subdued signage informing patrons of their stringent safe-sex policy. (You adore witnessing it!)

Every room featured a unique motif, such as pink satin, black leather, or tiger print, along with condom bowls and a covert shower in the corner.

Without a doubt, the setting was more visually pleasant than any business I’ve ever been to. I’m not sure whether my libido would meet the demands of the position, though. Bravo to the madams who oversee their business and the courtesans who perform.

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