Bride’s Big List of Wedding Rules Causes Guest Backlash!


Bride’s Big List of Wedding Rules Causes Guest Backlash!




The Dream of a Perfect Wedding Hits a Snag!

Every bride fantasizes about her wedding day being straight out of a fairy tale. Planning your big day means you get to pick everything to match your taste – from the dress that makes you feel like royalty to the perfect spot for saying “I do,” and even what everyone will be eating. But let’s be honest, making a wedding dream come true isn’t always smooth sailing.

In a surprising turn of events, one bride’s attempt to make sure her wedding day went without a hitch turned quite a few heads – and not in the way she hoped!

Seeking Advice: “Am I Being Too Much?”

On the hunt for some wisdom, a bride-to-be went to Reddit’s ‘AITAH’ – short for “Am I The Asshole?” – to see if she might be stepping over the line. She and her soon-to-be husband had just let their wedding guests in on a list of rules they wanted followed at their wedding. What came next was unexpected – a wave of guests dropping out!

Right off the bat, she wanted to clear the air – this wasn’t about being bossy. She emphasized that her partner was just as involved in these decisions.

The Rules That Ruffled Feathers

No Phones Allowed!

The couple was keen on a distraction-free wedding. They asked guests to keep their phones away during the ceremony and dinner, unless it was a real emergency. This didn’t sit well with many, especially those who wanted to keep tabs on their kids. The bride’s stance? An emergency would find its way to them regardless.

Dress Code: Strictly Black Tie

The dress code was strict: everyone in black, women in dresses, men in tuxedos, no exceptions. This rule proved hard for some, including her aunt who had been mourning in black but had since returned to more colorful attire, and her future sister-in-law who prefers pants due to body dysmorphia. No bending the rules here.

Bridesmaids Beware: Watch Your Weight

The bridesmaids were told to keep an eye on their weight to ensure their dresses fit perfectly. This directive, unsurprisingly, didn’t go down well with many.

Wedding Woes: Guests Dropping Like Flies!

The bride’s mother warned her of impending doom for her wedding due to these rules. Bridesmaids were reconsidering their roles, and guests were canceling last-minute. The plan for the flower girl also hit a snag; instead of staying with a babysitter at a hotel as requested, she would be with her grandmother, thanks to the maid of honor’s intervention.

Despite her attempts to justify the rules, the Reddit community was quick to label the couple as the unreasonable party.



The Verdict: It’s Your Wedding, But…

Reddit users were quick to remind the bride that while it’s her day, guests aren’t obliged to play by rules that make them uncomfortable. The overwhelming response? The demands were a bit much.

So, what’s the lesson here? It’s great to have a vision for your wedding, but maybe, just maybe, it’s worth keeping in mind the comfort and feelings of your guests too. After all, a wedding is not just about the couple but about celebrating love with all your near and dear ones!

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