Trevor Engelson’s ‘Revenge’ on Meghan Markle Confirmed – The Stories Were True


Trevor Engelson’s ‘Revenge’ on Meghan Markle Confirmed – The Stories Were True


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Meghan Markle’s Early Marriage Before Prince Harry

Meghan Markle, now widely known for her marriage to Prince Harry, was previously married to Trevor Engelson. The couple’s journey began long before Meghan became a member of the royal family. They first met in 2004 and after dating for several years, they tied the knot in a festive three-day celebration in Jamaica in 2011. However, their marriage ended in 2013 due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Who is Trevor Engelson?

Trevor Engelson, born on October 23, 1976, in Great Neck, Long Island, New York, is a film producer and talent manager. He started his career as a production assistant and gradually climbed the ladder in the film industry. Engelson has a notable career, having produced films like “Remember Me” and worked on projects such as “License to Wed” and the television series “Snowfall.”

The Couple’s Professional Lives and Separation

While Meghan embarked on her successful stint on the TV series “Suits,” which significantly shaped her career, Engelson continued to make strides in the film industry. The physical distance between them, with Meghan in Toronto and Engelson in Los Angeles, put a strain on their marriage. According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, the dynamics in their relationship altered as Meghan became more independent.

After the Split: Trevor Engelson’s Life

Post their separation, Engelson remained in the media light due to his professional achievements and personal life. He later found love again and married Tracey Kurland in 2019. The couple has since welcomed two daughters and live happily in a prosperous neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Trevor’s Reaction to Meghan’s New Life

Friends of Trevor suggest he experienced significant emotional challenges following their divorce, particularly when Meghan began her relationship with Prince Harry. Despite the setbacks, he has reportedly moved on and found happiness in his current family life, focusing on his career and personal growth away from the public eye.


Conclusion: A New Chapter for Both

Both Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson have moved forward with their lives, each finding success and happiness in their respective paths. While their marriage did not end as hoped, it is clear that both have learned and grown from their experiences.

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