Tim Conway’s Laugh-Out-Loud Improv on “The Carol Burnett Show”


Tim Conway’s Laugh-Out-Loud Improv on “The Carol Burnett Show”


Daniel Stone


If you watch “The Carol Burnett Show,” you know it always brings laughs and smiles. In one particular clip, Tim Conway’s improvisation had his co-stars in stitches.

Tim Conway’s Elephant Story

In a scene where they played the game “Password,” Tim Conway, as Mickey Hart, decided to tell a funny story. He talked about an elephant living in a circus. His co-stars, Dick Van Dyke, Vicki Lawrence, and Carol Burnett, couldn’t stop laughing.

Unexpected Turn

Conway’s story took an unexpected turn. He mentioned the elephant and its trainer had a romantic relationship. He even joked about them being buried together after they died. This made the other performers laugh uncontrollably. They trembled and covered their faces, trying to regain composure.



Laughter is Contagious

The laughter was contagious for both the cast and the studio audience. Moments like these remind us why “The Carol Burnett Show” was so popular.

Watch the Hilarious Clip

See Tim Conway’s comedic genius in action. Watch the video below and enjoy the laughs:

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Experience the timeless humor of “The Carol Burnett Show” and remember why it remains a classic.


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