Stars’ Surprising Sanctuaries


Stars’ Surprising Sanctuaries


Peter Cover


Ever thought all celebs live in flashy Beverly Hills? Think again! Some famous faces have chosen the path less traveled, setting up their dream homes in places you’d least expect. Away from the glaring eyes of paparazzi, these stars enjoy life in serene, scenic spots, perfect for family life or a peaceful retreat. And yes, they’ve invested their fortunes in some jaw-dropping properties.

Unexpected Celebrity Hideouts

Taylor Swift’s Musical Mansion: Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island retreat isn’t just another one of her homes—it’s the only one that inspired a song! Nestled in Watch Hill, this property, known as “Holiday House,” has a rich history dating back to 1930. Swift shares its story in her song “The Last Great American Dynasty.” Snapping it up in 2013 for a cool $17.75 million, it’s no wonder this place is Rhode Island’s priciest pad.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s Ski Resort Residence: Imagine calling a luxury ski resort home. That’s the reality for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who have their own slice of heaven in Montana’s Yellowstone Club. With private ski slopes and a home that screams luxury, they’ve found their perfect family escape.

Glenn Close’s Cozy Montana Cottage: Ditching the New York hustle, Glenn Close has settled into a charming brick house in Bozeman, Montana. Right next door to her sister, Close’s home is a testament to simplicity and American charm, packed with personal heirlooms and memories.

John Mayer’s Montana Ranch: John Mayer chose Paradise Valley, Montana, for his retreat from fame. His 1970s log cabin offers solitude and a break from the spotlight, proving sometimes less is more.

Zach Galifianakis’ Farm Retreat: Who would have thought Zach Galifianakis would be farming in North Carolina? His “Farmageddon” is a secluded paradise, complete with a quaint log cabin and a dedicated goat house.

Celebs Embracing Simplicity

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Suburban Bliss: In Bedford, New York, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have found their family sanctuary. Horseback riding and local eateries offer them a slice of normalcy in their vast, 11.65-acre estate.

Kevin Costner’s Aspen Adventure Land: Kevin Costner’s Aspen ranch is more than just a home; it’s a full-blown adventure park. With private ice rinks, dog sledding tracks, and a personal baseball field, it’s the ultimate getaway.

Steve Martin’s Southern Serenity: Nestled in the North Carolina mountains, Steve Martin’s home is a blend of simplicity and beauty, reflecting his love for the area and its local music scene.

Morgan Freeman’s Mississippi Haven: Morgan Freeman has embraced his roots in Charleston, Mississippi. His ranch, sprawling over 124 acres, doubles as a sanctuary for bees, showing his commitment to environmental conservation.

Unique Celebrity Homes That Break the Mold

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Oklahoma Oasis: Country meets coast in Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch. With over 1,300 acres of land, guest houses, and a recording studio, it’s a country music paradise.

Demi Moore’s Idaho Ranch: Demi Moore’s western-themed ranch in Hailey, Idaho, offers expansive backyards and a close-knit family atmosphere, proving that home is where the heart is.

John Travolta’s Florida Fly-In Estate: With two runways leading to his door, John Travolta’s home is a pilot’s dream. It’s a clear sky for takeoff right from his front yard!

Eminem’s Michigan Fortress: Eminem keeps it real in Clinton Township, Michigan, with a home that values privacy and family, a stone’s throw from where he grew up.

Julia Roberts’ New Mexico Retreat: Julia Roberts’ ranch in Taos offers a peaceful escape with 30 acres of land, where family life and nature blend seamlessly.

So next time you think of celebrity homes, remember it’s not all about glitz and glamor. These stars have found happiness in the quiet corners of the world, creating sanctuaries that are as unique as their personalities.

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