Makeup Secrets for the Fab 50s and Beyond!


Makeup Secrets for the Fab 50s and Beyond!


Peter Cover


Feeling like your makeup game needs a refresh as you journey through your fabulous 50s and beyond? Fear not! We’ve gathered some incredible tips from makeup maestros who know exactly how to keep you looking radiant and youthful. Let’s dive in!

Toss the Old Rules and Embrace Change
Ruby Hammer’s Wisdom

At 62, Ruby Hammer is a makeup legend who believes in embracing your age and tweaking your makeup routine. She advises against heavy products and recommends layering thin ones instead. Opt for skin tints and serum-infused foundations that don’t settle into wrinkles. And her secret weapon? A great concealer and a cheeky dab of red on the cheeks for that youthful glow.

Experiment and Enjoy

Ruby encourages us to have fun with makeup. Try her recommended mascara & brow duo for eyes that pop and don’t be afraid to play with colors. A dab of green eyeliner or a swipe of hydrating lip oil can make all the difference. And remember, there are no rules – just joyful experimentation.

Hydration is Key
Terry de Gunzburg’s Glow-Up Advice

In her sixties, Terry de Gunzburg knows a thing or two about makeup for mature skin. Her top tip? Hydration, hydration, hydration. She suggests foundations that offer coverage without heaviness and powders that don’t settle into fine lines. Her hero product, a hyaluronic acid-infused powder, sets makeup while keeping skin looking fresh and hydrated.

Less is More

For Terry, makeup should enhance, not mask. She advises against overdoing it and recommends lightweight concealers and moisturizing lip products for a natural, beautiful look.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty
Sandy Linter’s No-Hide Policy

Sandy Linter, a glamorous makeup artist in her seventies, reminds us that makeup isn’t about hiding. She swears by products that add a touch of glow and recommends embracing natural beauty without covering up. Her go-to? A reliable mascara and a bit of cheek color for that perfect lift.

Subtle Enhancements

Sandy’s approach focuses on enhancing features rather than masking them. She loves a good eyeliner for defined eyes and believes in choosing foundation shades wisely to enhance, not hide, your skin.

Blush Like You Mean It
Florrie White’s Blush Tricks

At 50, Florrie White knows the power of a good blush. She advises against heavy foundation and recommends lighter products that let your skin shine through. And for that eye-catching glow? She suggests a touch of green or purple around the eyes and a lip stain that doesn’t emphasize lines.

Healthy Glow Over Heavy Coverage

Florrie’s motto is to enhance rather than cover. She believes in using blush to add warmth and a healthy glow, steering clear of the overly made-up look.

The Great Outdoors Look
Amber Sibley’s Hydration Focus

Amber Sibley, at 55, emphasizes the importance of a well-hydrated base for makeup. She recommends starting with a hydrating serum and using lipstick on cheeks for that fresh, outdoor glow. Her pro tip for lifting the eye? A dab of concealer at the outer corners.

Embrace Your Inner Light

Amber believes that your inner light is what truly makes you beautiful. She advises against covering your entire under-eye area with concealer and suggests defining your eyes and brows for a subtle yet impactful enhancement.

Final Thoughts: Makeup After 50

The consensus among these makeup experts is clear: less is more, hydration is essential, and embracing your natural beauty is key. Experiment with colors, enjoy the process, and remember, your inner glow is your best makeup. Here’s to looking and feeling fabulous at 50 and beyond!

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