How I’ve Never Been Dumped: Samantha Brick’s Secrets to Understanding Men


How I’ve Never Been Dumped: Samantha Brick’s Secrets to Understanding Men


Peter Cover

The Art of Never Getting Dumped

Samantha Brick boldly claims she’s never been dumped. How, you ask? It’s all about knowing exactly what men want and ensuring she delivers. From her perspective, understanding the male psyche is the key to a successful relationship.

Early Lessons in Love

Reflecting on her dating history, Samantha recounts her strategic exits from relationships. Whether it was due to boredom, differing interests, or simply seeking something better, she always knew when to call it quits. Her story begins in 1999, painting a picture of a woman who isn’t afraid to take charge of her love life.

The Secret Sauce to Relationship Success

Fast forward to today, Samantha shares her insights from two marriages, several serious relationships, and numerous flings. What’s her secret? It’s not just her charm or good looks. Samantha emphasizes the importance of embracing gender differences, mastering the art of cooking, and understanding a man’s desire to be the center of his partner’s world.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Beyond the kitchen, Samantha believes in the power of emotional intelligence. Listening and subtly guiding her partners, while letting them believe they’ve arrived at solutions on their own, has been her strategy. She even credits her adaptability, mirroring the qualities that appeal most to her partners, as a key factor in her relationship success.

Learning from the Women of the ’80s

Inspired by the strong, confident women of Dallas, Dynasty, and Jackie Collins’ novels, Samantha shaped her approach to dating and relationships. She recalls ending her first serious relationship at 16 and navigating through her 20s with the mantra of not settling down too soon, influenced by the likes of Samantha from Sex And The City.

Navigating Breakups with Grace

Samantha’s journey includes rekindling and ending relationships with her college boyfriend, exploring brief flings, and refining her breakup technique. Her philosophy? It’s better to end things sooner rather than later if it’s not meant to be, always ensuring to leave with dignity intact.

The Longest Love of Her Life

Today, Samantha finds herself in the longest relationship of her life with her husband Pascal. Despite their traditional roles at home, their bond remains strong. She believes in enjoying each other’s company, socializing together, and maintaining a vibrant intimate life.

A Philosophy of Self-Love and Independence

At the core of Samantha’s approach to relationships is the belief in the importance of the relationship with oneself. She advocates for walking away from situations that don’t serve you, keeping your dignity and independence at the forefront.

In Samantha Brick’s world, understanding what men want, combined with emotional intelligence and a bit of self-love, is the recipe for never being dumped. Whether you agree with her methods or not, her confidence and approach to navigating relationships are undeniably intriguing.

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