Gordon Ramsay’s Former Pub Taken Over by Squatters!


Gordon Ramsay’s Former Pub Taken Over by Squatters!


Peter Cover


In a surprising twist, a London pub previously managed by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been taken over by squatters! The York & Albany, a well-known gastropub and hotel, is now the unexpected home for at least six individuals who have moved in and claimed it as their own. And here’s the kicker: the police say they can’t do anything about it!

The Squatters Make Themselves at Home

The group has not been shy about making the pub their new residence. They’ve boarded up the windows, turned couches into beds, and generally taken over the building. They even posted a notice outside, boldly stating that they have the right to stay there. The squatters are well aware of the legal landscape, as one of them stated, “We’re here legally. If you want us gone, you’ll have to drag us through the courts!”

What Does the Law Say?

It turns out that the squatters might be on solid legal ground. In England, it’s possible for people to occupy a non-residential building like this pub without facing immediate eviction. The police have confirmed that this is a civil matter and that their hands are tied unless a crime occurs.

The Background of the Building

Before this unusual situation unfolded, the York & Albany were part of a complex legal battle involving Ramsay himself. The famous chef had been trying to break free from a lease on the property for years, a struggle mired in legal complications. The pub was shut down amidst these issues, which apparently provided a perfect opportunity for the squatters to step in.

Ramsay’s Silence on the Situation

Gordon Ramsay, known for his fiery temper and sharp tongue, has not yet commented on the situation. It’s unclear whether he will take any action or leave the matter to play out in court.

A Twist Fit for TV

This whole scenario sounds like something straight out of a dramatic reality TV show, which is fitting given Ramsay’s television career. The once bustling location of culinary delights is now the center of a legal drama, with a group of bold squatters, the law on their side, and a world-famous chef possibly watching from the sidelines. Will Ramsay step in, or will the new “occupiers” turn this into their permanent residence? Stay tuned to see how this culinary drama unfolds!

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