“Bring It On” Sequel? Yes, Please!


“Bring It On” Sequel? Yes, Please!


Peter Cover

Nikki Bilderback Says She’s In – But There’s a Catch!

Get ready, “Bring It On” fans, because a sequel to the iconic cheerleading movie might just happen, and Nikki Bilderback is all for it! Remember Whitney? That’s her! She’s saying “Yes!” to bringing her pom poms back, but she’s got one big condition.

The Dream Team Must Return

Nikki told TMZ she’s totally down for a sequel, but only if the script is top-notch and the rest of the original squad comes back. She believes a sequel needs to be just as amazing as the first movie because it’s loved by fans of all ages – we’re talking 12 to 50-year-olds!

Friendship Goals

Guess what? Nikki’s still tight with Clare Kramer (aka Courtney) and used to hang out with Gabrielle Union all the time. So, she’s practically the go-to person if the studio needs help getting the gang back together.

What About Whitney?

Nikki has some ideas about where Whitney is now. She imagines Whitney and Courtney are still BFFs, and she’s picturing the sequel at a high school reunion. How perfect is that for a “Bring It On” comeback?

Kirsten Dunst Is Also Game

And here’s the kicker – Kirsten Dunst is also talking about a sequel. She told Entertainment Tonight she’s in, as long as it’s not going to be cringe-worthy. Fair point, Kirsten!

The Original Cast Comeback

While there have been a few “Bring It On” sequels, none of them featured the original stars. So, a true sequel with the original cast would be a first, and it sounds like everyone’s pretty excited about it.

Ready to Cheer Again?

Nikki Bilderback is ready to hit those cheer moves with the original ladies. So, are we about to see a “Bring It On” sequel that’ll make us want to cheer all over again? Let’s hope so!

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