Big News: Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen Call It Quits!


Big News: Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen Call It Quits!


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In a move that has left fans wide-eyed and open-mouthed, Isla Fisher, the star from Down Under, and her hilarious other half, Sacha Baron Cohen, have shared the unexpected news that they’ve decided to go their separate ways. Yep, you heard it right—the duo, who’ve been giving us couple goals for over two decades, actually parted ways back in 2023!

The End of a Long Match

At 48, the Aussie gem and her 52-year-old British beau, known for his knee-slappers, have decided to close this chapter of their lives. Married in a dreamy 2010 ceremony, and parents to three beautiful kids, they’ve now revealed they quietly took steps to end their marriage last year.

Isla spilled the beans on social media with a light-hearted snap of the two sporting tennis outfits. Her message? A heartfelt note saying, “After more than twenty years of love, laughter, and everything in between, we’ve decided to hang up our hats. Last year, we made the mutual decision to end our marriage. We’ve always kept things private and we’re smoothly working through this big change.”

And what about the kids? Isla assures, “Our love and commitment to our children remain stronger than ever. We’re asking for a bit of space as we navigate this new path.” Sacha, on the same beat, echoed her words on his own page.

Fans Left Reeling

The news hit fans like a bolt from the blue, with many taking to social media to share their heartache and well-wishes for the couple. Comments ranged from expressions of sadness to quirky takes on the situation, proving the couple’s impact on their followers.

A Look Back on Their Love Story

The lovebirds first locked eyes in 2001 at a Sydney party, kicking off a whirlwind romance. After a three-year engagement, they sealed the deal in Paris, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Their family grew with the arrival of Olive in 2007, Elula in 2010, and Montgomery in 2015.

Despite their split, the pair had been playing their cards close to the chest, with Isla even sharing a sweet Valentine’s Day anecdote on the Kelly Clarkson show earlier this year, leaving fans none the wiser.

Moving Forward with Love and Laughter

Though the news of their split has taken many by surprise, it’s clear Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen are navigating this transition with grace, humor, and a whole lot of love for their family. Here’s to wishing them both happiness and peace as they embark on new adventures, separately but with mutual respect and affection.

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