90s Music Legends Jamiroquai Hit the Studio Again!


90s Music Legends Jamiroquai Hit the Studio Again!


Peter Cover

Back with a Bang: Jamiroquai’s Epic Comeback

Get ready to groove like it’s the 1990s because Jamiroquai, the masters of funk and acid jazz, have just dropped a bombshell on us – they’re back in the studio cooking up some new tunes! It’s been a long seven years since their last album, “Automaton,” but the wait is finally over.

Jay Kay: Ageless and Excited

Frontman Jay Kay, still rocking his youthful vibe at 54, shared a heartwarming video on TikTok. Without his trademark hat but with a grin that could light up a room, he announced, “We’re on it, folks. A new album’s on the horizon. Time to bring the band back together!” This teaser has sent waves of excitement across the globe, with fans already buzzing about the music and hopeful tour dates.

Fans Can’t Contain Their Excitement

The reaction was instant and ecstatic. Comments poured in, with fans saying things like, “A new Jamiroquai album? Best news of the year!” and “Tour, you say? Count me in!” The love and anticipation for what’s to come are palpable, showing just how much the band’s funky beats and soulful melodies have been missed.

Remembering Derrick McIntyre

The joy of the reunion is tinged with a touch of sadness, following the loss of beloved bassist Derrick McIntyre in February. Jay Kay shared his grief and respect, noting, “Derrick was more than just a bandmate; he was an incredible talent and a dear friend. His spirit will be with us as we create new magic.”

A Legacy of Hits and Highs

Jamiroquai has been a defining sound of the 90s, blessing us with hits like “Cosmic Girl” and winning accolades, including a Grammy for “Virtual Insanity.” With over 26 million records sold worldwide, their impact on music is undeniable. Even without new tracks in recent years, their live shows have kept fans dancing, proving their timeless appeal.

Overcoming Challenges

The journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. Jay Kay’s health issues led to a heart-wrenching decision to postpone a 2017 London concert, a moment he describes as one of his most frustrating. But, ever resilient, he and the band are ready to bounce back and give their all.

The Return of Jamiroquai

As we eagerly await the new sounds from Jamiroquai, one thing is clear: their return is a beacon of joy for music lovers everywhere. With the promise of fresh tunes and possibly live performances, the future looks bright and decidedly funky. Welcome back, Jamiroquai – the world has missed you!

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