After 20 years in captivity, see the incredible reaction of this circus lion when he’s finally set free


After 20 years in captivity, see the incredible reaction of this circus lion when he’s finally set free


Daniel Stone


Living Hell in a Pickup Truck

Even though I adore animals, I can state unequivocally that a mature mountain lion should not be locked up in the back of a pickup truck. However, Mufasa, a mountain lion, was forced to live exactly there. His life became a living hell as a touring circus act in Peru. All to amuse the public and enrich his owner.

Rescued by Animal Lovers

Thankfully, a few animal lovers saved him. But many animals still suffer in zoos, circuses, and other entertainment venues. Although some animals’ conditions have improved, much work remains. Thousands of animals still live in cramped quarters, unable to lead fulfilling lives.



A Harsh Existence for Mufasa

In Peru, a pickup truck was found with a chained mountain lion named Mufasa. For twenty years, he lived a life he neither desired nor deserved.

A Turn for the Better

Mufasa was fortunate later in life. In 2015, after months of hard work, Animal Defenders International, an animal rights group, managed to free him. They found him while trying to shut down a Peruvian circus.



Freedom at Last

Upon gaining freedom, Mufasa’s well-being improved. He was given the essential right all wild creatures deserve: to live out his final years in nature, on his own terms, instead of enduring a life of fear and persecution. His story of rescue is heartwarming. A video documents his first steps toward independence, and it’s truly lovely!

Health Problems After Freedom

Mufasa spent a few months in freedom after his rescue. Unfortunately, twenty years of being shackled took a toll. He developed kidney failure and other age-related issues. Animal Defenders International reported that he passed away in 2015.



A Lesson from Mufasa’s Story

Mufasa’s story sheds light on a crucial issue. He was a beautiful, kind animal who loved having his back scratched. It’s sad he couldn’t spend more time in his native Amazon, but even sadder if he had never known freedom.

The way Mufasa was treated was unacceptable for any animal! Please share his story to show your support for animal rights.

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