Customers Are Boycotting McDonald’s After Discovering What Was “Cooked” with the Fries


Customers Are Boycotting McDonald’s After Discovering What Was “Cooked” with the Fries


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A McDonald’s employee in Booval, a suburb of Ipswich, Queensland, was caught on camera drying a mop head under a fries warmer. This incident has caused widespread fury and disbelief. The video shows the worker holding a microfiber mop head just inches away from a package of fresh fries. It was initially uploaded on the Facebook page “Subtle Bogan Hints” and quickly went viral.

Public Reactions to the Video

The video received mixed reactions from the public. Some users joked about the situation, saying things like, “So that’s where the flavour comes from.” Others were outraged by the lack of hygiene. One commenter said, “That’s the most brainless thing I’ve seen this year. This woman needs her hygiene and food safety procedure certificate ripped up!”


McDonald’s Response to the Incident

McDonald’s Australia responded to the incident by speaking to the employee involved. However, the employee kept her job. The company stressed that this was an isolated incident and assured customers that they take food safety very seriously. A spokesperson said, “We have addressed this with the restaurant directly and conducted thorough re-training for all employees on McDonald’s sanitisation, hygiene, and food safety procedures.”

Customer Skepticism and Concerns

Despite the company’s reassurances, several customers remained doubtful. One reviewer said, “They used to pride themselves on having a clean business, but that seems to have changed.” This reflects a broader concern about McDonald’s cleanliness standards.

Impact on Food Safety Discussions

The footage from the Booval McDonald’s has sparked discussions about food safety and cleanliness in fast-food restaurants. McDonald’s has promised to work with the restaurant to prevent such incidents from happening again.



Tips for Getting Fresh Food at McDonald’s

As the video spread, some social media users shared tips on how to get the freshest food at McDonald’s. A former crew trainer revealed hacks like ordering burgers without salt and pepper to get a fresh patty and asking for fries without salt to ensure they are hot and crispy. The ex-employee also suggested claiming allergies to request fresh food, as staff take these requests very seriously.

McDonald’s Faces Increased Scrutiny

Following this incident, McDonald’s is likely to face more scrutiny from customers and health inspectors. The company’s quick response and re-training promise show their commitment to fixing the issue, but it’s uncertain if this will restore customer confidence.

The Importance of Food Safety

The viral video serves as a reminder of the importance of food safety and the severe consequences of not following sanitary procedures. McDonald’s must ensure that such incidents are rare and not indicative of larger problems within their operations.

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