Colorado Schools Adopt 4-Day Week – Goodbye to Mondays


Colorado Schools Adopt 4-Day Week – Goodbye to Mondays


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A financially struggling school district in Colorado has switched to a 4-day school week. Here’s a look at how it’s working out.

A New Schedule: Tuesday to Friday

Imagine your school board decided your kids would only attend classes from Tuesday to Friday. How would this affect your family? Some might enjoy long weekends for family trips. Others might worry about what to do with an extra day at home.

In Brighton, Colorado, this is now a reality. Students have a 4-day school week, and opinions are varied.

Why the Change?

The local school board faced challenges in hiring and keeping good teachers. With 28 schools and 18,000 students, this was a big issue.

The main reason for the change was funding. The district struggled financially, and teachers were the lowest paid in the Denver metro area. This made it hard to attract and retain staff.

How It Works

Colorado allows schools to count hours instead of days to meet education requirements. To compensate for the lost day, the school day is now 40 minutes longer.

What Do Kids Think?

Most students love the 4-day week, even with longer days.

NBC News reported that a third-grader enjoys spending Mondays at his grandma’s house, despite the long school days. High school students like the extra time to work on Mondays, helping them save for college.

Teachers’ Perspectives

Teachers are also seeing benefits. The school board reports receiving more job applications, and many new hires are drawn to the shorter work week.

Some teachers use Mondays to relax, plan lessons, or spend time with family. They appreciate the flexibility.

Parents’ Reactions

Not all parents are happy with the change. Many are concerned about childcare. While there are free programs for kids on Mondays, some parents feel this isn’t enough. They want the 5-day school week back.

Looking Ahead

The 4-day school week will continue for at least the next two years, with ongoing research and data collection.

Your Turn

Are you a teacher or parent? What do you think about the 4-day school week? Share your thoughts!

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