“Yellowstone” Star Forrie J. Smith’s Airplane Drama!


“Yellowstone” Star Forrie J. Smith’s Airplane Drama!


Peter Cover

Trouble in the Sky for Forrie

Forrie J. Smith, famous for his role in “Yellowstone”, found himself in a bit of a pickle at the airport. He says he was asked to leave a plane, but the reason might surprise you. According to Forrie, it wasn’t because he had a few drinks – he insists he wasn’t drunk. The real issue? He didn’t want to sit next to someone wearing a mask.

Mask Woes Lead to Ejection?

In a video Forrie shared on Instagram, he tells his fans about the incident. Apparently, after he mentioned his discomfort about sitting next to a masked passenger, the airline staff decided he had to go. They claimed he was drunk, but Forrie is not buying that explanation. He even called out people for not speaking up against what he sees as the “nonsense” of mask-wearing.

Forrie Speaks Out

Forrie, who you’ll recognize as Lloyd Pierce from “Yellowstone”, seemed a bit lost at the airport, not even sure where he was. But that didn’t stop him from sharing his story. He’s pretty upset about the whole mask situation and even criticized those who didn’t stand against it.

Online Reactions

His video has stirred quite the conversation online. People are wondering why Forrie would care about someone else’s choice to wear a mask. Some shared their reasons for masking up, especially while traveling.

Not Forrie’s First Rodeo with Controversy

This incident isn’t out of character for Forrie. He’s openly shared his anti-vaccine views before, even skipping the 2022 SAG Awards because he’s unvaccinated. He’s against vaccinating not just himself but his pets too!

What’s Next for Forrie?

After this airplane fiasco, Forrie’s looking for another way to get to his destination. Maybe it’s time to consider less conventional modes of transportation? Whatever the case, Forrie’s adventure is definitely making waves. Better saddle up for what’s next!

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