Watermelon Wonders: How to Pick the Perfect Melon!


Watermelon Wonders: How to Pick the Perfect Melon!


Peter Cover



Ever stood in the fruit aisle, scratching your head, wondering how to choose the best watermelon? Fear not! With these simple tips, you’ll become a watermelon-picking pro in no time—and trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

Heavy Hitters Win

First off, go for the weighty ones. A watermelon that feels like it’s been lifting weights is usually brimming with juicy goodness.

Spot the Yellow

Next up, flip that melon over. You’re looking for a creamy yellow belly, also known as the spot where it’s been sunbathing on the ground. If it’s white or green, put that baby back; it’s not ready.

Glossy is Good

How shiny is that melon? You want it to look like it just came out of a spa—glossy and fresh. A dull exterior might mean it’s not ready to party.


The Knock-Knock Test

Now, give it a gentle tap. If it sounds like there’s an echo in there—a nice, deep, hollow sound—you’ve got a winner. A dull thud? Better luck next time.

Shape Matters

Last but not least, aim for the watermelons that could win a beauty contest in terms of shape. Round or oval, symmetry is key. Weird lumps and bumps? Nope, not today.

Beware the Crack

Here’s a pro tip: steer clear of watermelons with cracks inside. This could mean they’ve had a little too much chemical help growing up, and we want our melons all-natural.

Don’t Fear the Seeds

Before you go, let’s talk seeds. Yes, those tiny treasures inside your watermelon aren’t just for spitting out at picnics—they’re packed with health perks. From boosting your muscles and joints to keeping your immune system in tip-top shape, watermelon seeds are little powerhouses.


So, armed with these tips, you’re all set to select the juiciest, most delicious watermelon next time you’re out shopping. Happy melon hunting!


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