Update on Angie Harmon’s Dog Incident: Delivery Man’s Side of the Story


Update on Angie Harmon’s Dog Incident: Delivery Man’s Side of the Story


Peter Cover

Police Update on Dog Bite Claims

9:49 AM PT – The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has provided an update regarding the situation involving Angie Harmon’s dog. They stated that the delivery man reported being bitten by the dog, although they didn’t confirm seeing the bite marks themselves. Due to a lack of sufficient evidence, they’ve decided not to charge the delivery man involved.

Angie Harmon’s Dog Incident: The Delivery Man’s Defense

According to the police, the tragic incident involving Angie Harmon’s dog, Oliver, might not be as clear-cut as it seemed. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD has decided not to charge the Instacart shopper who shot the dog, citing self-defense due to alleged bite marks.

Delivery Man’s Legal Right to Firearm

The police have noted that the delivery man, identified as Christopher, has a past arrest record but hasn’t been convicted of a felony. This allows him legally to own a firearm, which he used in the incident with Harmon’s dog.

Instacart Takes Action

Following the incident, it appears that Christopher won’t be delivering for Instacart for much longer. Sources informed TMZ that his account with the app has been deactivated, effectively banning him from offering services on the platform in the future.

Instacart’s Stance on Safety and Violence

Instacart maintains strict guidelines regarding violence and aggression among its shoppers. Their policy includes deactivating any shopper’s account if they’re found carrying a weapon, making threats, or displaying aggression towards customers.

Angie Harmon Left Seeking Justice

Despite the police and Instacart’s actions, Angie Harmon might still be looking for closure. She previously stated that Christopher had no visible marks from a dog attack and accused him of showing no remorse, claiming he said, “Yeah, I shot your dog.”

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