Trendy Facelift Turns Tragic: Women Left with Horrific Scars!


Trendy Facelift Turns Tragic: Women Left with Horrific Scars!


Peter Cover


Many women describe experiencing startling facial damage as a result of a popular cosmetic procedure that is promoted by Judy Murray and Shirley Ballas.

The Morpheus8 gadget is marketed as a non-surgical facelift and tightens skin using heat and tiny needles.

In interviews, Ballas and Murray have both attested to the anti-aging effects.

The £500-per-session procedure has left many women with serious scars, according to information obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

Some people have complained that their faces have “melted” fat and they feel molested. To get rid of the scars, many have paid thousands of dollars for laser treatments.

The Made in Chelsea actress Melissa Tattam, 27, disclosed that she had facial scars following a non-surgical facelift with the Morpheus8 device.

Reality star Tattam is currently utilizing laser therapy to lessen the scarring’s visibility.

Socialite and cast member of Made in Chelsea Melissa Tattam, 27, said that after having the procedure last year, she was left with “scarring all over my face.”

She said: ‘I did it for anti-ageing and skin tightening purposes but my skin was perfect. I had no pores, no spots… nothing.

‘And now I have scars in the shapes of the needles all over my cheeks. All these tiny holes, which are now scars… I really regret doing this. If you’re thinking of having it done please consider the side effects.’

Ms. Tattam is currently undergoing laser therapy to lessen the scarring’s visibility.

Elena Cudworth, an aesthetician and owner of Elenique Skin Clinic in London, cautioned that many medical professionals are not proficient with Morpheus8 equipment.

She said: ‘We have had quite a few women contact us with similar reactions. Local authorities should be monitoring the level of qualifications and experience of those operating the Morpheus8 device.

‘Women have been scarred and lost their confidence and it’s stopped them going out or going to work.’

The Morpheus8 gadget increases the creation of collagen in the skin by employing microneedles to create tiny punctures that allow radio frequency waves to pass through and trigger the body’s healing response.

After a few sessions, it promises smoother wrinkles and tighter skin.

One session costs around £500 in the UK.

However, in recent months, hundreds of women have joined Facebook groups to share terrifying treatment-related tales.

One reported feeling “disfigured and violated” during three Morpheus8 sessions, which left her with ‘extreme hollowing under my cheeks, around my mouth and my lower face is sagging’.

Another said: ‘Six months now since having the right side of my face melted by Morpheus8 and seeing the melted fat on that side makes me regret every day what I did.’

The mother of former Olympic and Wimbledon winner Andy Murray, Judy Murray, said in 2021 that she had used Morpheus8 to look “over ten years younger,” yet Ballas claimed to have used it to “look her very best” when speaking at Loose Women the previous year.

In interviews, strict judge Shirley Ballas has attested to the anti-aging benefits of Morpheus8, but many women have had terrible scarring from the £500 per session therapy.

Both went to see renowned aesthetician Dr. Judy Todd, who has facilities in Glasgow and London where a single Morpheus8 treatment may cost up to £1,500.

The US is currently suing InMode, the Israeli company that created the Morpheus8 device, for allegedly misleading consumers and breaking rules set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by ‘engaging in off-label marketing’ and advertising products for uses ‘for which they lack FDA approval’.

Additionally, InMode is accused of violating FDA standards further in the case that was filed in California last month.

“Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive treatment targeting premature aging and skin laxity,” an InMode spokeswoman said.

‘Morpheus8 is a safe and effective treatment, and many patients report highly positive results.

‘Morpheus8 should always be administered by an experienced medical professional.

‘The qualifications and skill level of any provider who is administering treatments are of paramount importance, and InMode encourages patients to carry out their own diligence to ensure the device is an authentic Morpheus8 and not an unauthorized counterfeit product.

‘InMode prioritizes the safety and efficacy of its products, and takes any patient concerns extremely seriously.

‘Any known adverse effects are reported in accordance with applicable UK (and other) laws; however, InMode can only report adverse effects that it knows about.

‘InMode is proud of its track record of innovation in the medical aesthetics and wellness space.’

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