Explore Tom Selleck’s ‘sanctuary’ home, his private haven with family since 1988


Explore Tom Selleck’s ‘sanctuary’ home, his private haven with family since 1988


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Tom Selleck is one of Hollywood’s most cherished actors. He has taken on numerous roles over the years, earning the admiration of many Americans.

Life on a Ranch

For almost thirty years, Tom Selleck has embraced the ranch lifestyle in California. He believes living on a ranch keeps him calm. Born in Detroit in January 1945, Selleck started his entertainment career in the 1960s. He began with small roles on TV and in films. His big break came with the TV show “Magnum, PI”.


Magnum, PI and Fame

For eight years, Selleck played detective Thomas Magnum in Hawaii. This role earned him a Primetime Emmy for outstanding lead actor. The success of “Magnum, PI” made him a household name.

Success in TV Shows

After “Magnum, PI”, Selleck starred in popular TV shows like “The Closer” and “Friends”. He currently stars in “Blue Bloods” alongside Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan. The show has 13 successful seasons and is loved by viewers.

Balancing Career and Personal Life

Despite his fame, Selleck values balance in his life. He left “Magnum, PI” in 1987 to seek a more fulfilling existence. That same year, he married Jillie Joan Mack, his second wife. Mack, a former dancer turned actress from England, brought joy to Selleck’s life. They bought a ranch in Ventura, California, originally owned by Dean Martin.

Life on the Ventura Ranch

The ranch has over 1,500 native trees. After ten years of filming “Blue Bloods” in New York, Selleck spends most of his time on the ranch. Mack stays at the ranch, finding happiness in caring for animals.

Raising a Family

Selleck and Mack’s daughter, Hannah, was born in 1988. They have been married for almost thirty years. The couple believed that raising their daughter on the ranch would be enjoyable.

Maintaining the Ranch

Selleck does all the maintenance on the property himself, including pruning plants and repairing roads. However, the California drought affected his avocado plants. In 2007, Selleck mentioned that selling avocados had been profitable, but it became increasingly difficult.

Water Theft Controversy

Selleck faced accusations from the Calleguas Municipal Water District of stealing water. He allegedly used a large truck to transport water from a hydrant to his house. There were twelve documented trips over two years. The actor ignored two cease-and-desist notices and continued taking water.

Legal Consequences

Selleck had to pay $21,000 to cover the cost of the private investigation against him, along with additional damages. He was prohibited from using the Calleguas Municipal Water District for personal purposes.

A Content Life

Despite these challenges, Selleck seems content with his life and ranch in California. The ranch offers him a place to retreat and be authentic.

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