Tom Selleck’s Battle with Health Problems


Tom Selleck’s Battle with Health Problems


Daniel Stone


Tom Selleck is one of the few who has achieved lasting success in Hollywood. Known for his talent and perseverance, Selleck’s journey in the entertainment industry is remarkable. Many aspire to make it big in Hollywood, but only a select few succeed. Tom Selleck stands out as one of the notable exceptions.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Tom Selleck’s career took off when he was selected to play the lead in “Magnum P.I.” This role was a big break for him. The highly successful program earned him five Emmy nominations, and he won one in 1985.

Before his big break, Selleck appeared in several TV series and movies in modest roles. He also participated in “The Dating Game” and appeared in advertisements. Despite finding these experiences “humiliating and unpleasant,” they did not prevent him from achieving his goals.


Challenges and Perseverance

Selleck’s early career was filled with challenges. He was kicked out of talent programs and refused jobs. However, he persevered and eventually found success. Selleck believes that waiting until he was 35 to land a reputable role helped him become an actor that audiences recognized as a leading man.

Health Issues and Personal Sacrifices

Tom Selleck has faced health issues due to performing many of his own stunts over the years. His back has suffered, and he is no longer as physically fit as he once was. Despite this, he remains a key star in the TV series “Blue Bloods,” playing Frank Reagan since 2010. The show has been renewed for its thirteenth season.

Selleck admits that stunt work can be risky and taxing on the body. Sitting around between scenes can also be tiring. However, he remains committed to staying healthy and works hard on his ranch in Ventura, California.


Family and Personal Life

Selleck is very close to his family. He and Jillie Mack have been married for 35 years. Selleck always puts his family first and is dedicated to imparting his love of horses to his daughter.

In 2012, Selleck shared that he left “Magnum P.I.” to raise a family. It took some time to adjust, but he found balance through his work on the ranch. His wife mentioned that they both felt it was the best place for their daughter to grow up.



Tom Selleck’s success in Hollywood is a testament to his talent and determination. Despite health issues and early career challenges, he has remained a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. His dedication to his family and passion for his work continue to inspire many. Best wishes are extended to Tom Selleck for his continued success and happiness.

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