The Giant Cat Surprise!


The Giant Cat Surprise!


Peter Cover

A Mom’s Shocking Discovery

Imagine adopting a cute, cuddly cat online, expecting a little furball to join your family, only to meet a cat as big as a 10-year-old child! This is exactly what happened to Kristine Seguin, a mum who got the surprise of her life. Kristine thought she was bringing home a slightly chubby cat, but what she got was a three-stone (42 pounds!) puss named Axel, weighing the same as her daughter!

The Weight Mix-Up

Kristine was ready to welcome Axel, knowing he was a bit on the heavier side. However, she mistakenly read his weight as 19 pounds, not realizing he was a whopping 19 kilograms (about 42 pounds)! When Axel arrived at her home on February 9, Kristine couldn’t believe her eyes. Axel wasn’t just big; he was enormous, matching the size of her dog, Charlie.

Axel’s Big Impact

Axel was so large that he could barely move without getting out of breath. When he tried to sit on Kristine’s daughter, Amelie, it felt like she was being crushed under his massive weight. The family is now on a mission to help Axel slim down, aiming to lose over 20 pounds to get him back into shape.

Going Viral

Kristine has been sharing Axel’s weight loss journey on TikTok, and people can’t get enough of it. One video showing Axel trying to navigate stairs has already attracted over 298,300 views! His struggle to balance and walk around has warmed hearts and drawn support from viewers everywhere.

A New Member of the Family

Despite the initial shock, Kristine and her family have fallen in love with Axel. He has become an important part of their lives, bringing laughter and joy to everyone he meets. Kristine, who runs an animal rescue, is in the process of officially adopting Axel. She’s determined to help him live a healthier, happier life.


Axel’s Road to Recovery

Axel’s weight-loss journey is no small task. With a special diet that costs up to $300 a month, Kristine is committed to helping him shed the pounds. So far, Axel has lost over 6 pounds and has become more active, even managing to jump onto the sofa.

A Tale of Love and Dedication

Kristine’s story is not just about the shock of adopting a giant cat; it’s a heartwarming tale of love, commitment, and the lengths we go to for our furry friends. Axel may have started as a surprise, but he’s now a cherished member of the family, with a bright future ahead thanks to Kristine’s dedication.

In Kristine’s words, “We love him—he’s hilarious. He fits right in, and he owns us all now.” This giant cat’s journey is just beginning, and the world is cheering him on every step of the way.

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