The Battle of the Beats: A Nurse vs. College Chaos


The Battle of the Beats: A Nurse vs. College Chaos


Peter Cover


Let’s face it, we all love our music loud and proud sometimes. Whether it’s pumping us up on a run or getting us hyped at a live show, loud music has its moments. But what about when it’s not your playlist blaring?

Enter the world of a nurse, who found herself at the mercy of a college’s relentless playlist. Instead of suffering in silence, she chose a path of petty revenge, aiming to silence the song that haunted her nights.

Turning the Tables: Silence is Golden

Living next to a college that loves its music loud can test anyone’s patience. But for this nurse, it became a sleep-stealing nightmare. Determined to reclaim her peace, she embarked on a mission to ensure the troublesome tune would never disrupt her dreams again.

The Art of Revenge: Classy Yet Effective

The nurse, known as Glad-Ad-2032 on Reddit, shared her saga, revealing the thought process behind her decision. Torn between seeking advice and sharing her victorious strategy, she ultimately sought to coexist with the joyous yet noisy students.

Upon moving into her new neighborhood, she was unaware of the musical tradition until it became her unwelcome wake-up call. After contacting the authorities, she discovered she wasn’t alone in her frustration. Yet, when the volume finally lowered, she found herself missing the communal atmosphere, albeit at a more bearable decibel level.

“If petty revenge is a must, do it with style,” she advises, emphasizing the importance of keeping things classy.

Her story struck a chord with many, turning her from a self-dubbed “angry Karen” to a hero of silent nights. She encourages students to have their fun, just without the noise pollution.

The Unseen Enemy: Noise Pollution’s Toll

Noise pollution isn’t just about interrupted sleep or irksome sounds. It’s a serious health hazard, affecting everything from our heart health to our children’s learning abilities. With millions suffering from its consequences, including high blood pressure and cognitive impairments, it’s an issue that demands attention.

Nurses Need Their Rest: The High Cost of Sleep Deprivation

For nurses, the stakes are even higher. The demanding nature of their work, coupled with irregular hours, places them at a significant risk for sleep deprivation. This not only affects their well-being but also their ability to care for others safely and effectively.

Everyone deserves a restful night, especially those dedicated to caring for us. Let’s turn down the volume and give peace a chance.

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