Teenager dumps mom for cheating dad – returns years later begging


Teenager dumps mom for cheating dad – returns years later begging


Daniel Stone


My life took a wild turn when I married a wealthy man, thinking he was a blessing for my family.

In a Reddit post, I shared how this man showered my parents with lavish gifts, paid off my sister’s credit card debts, and even got my brother a high-paying job at a reputable company.

My in-laws adored my husband for his generosity and support during tough times, even though he was unfaithful to me.

The first time he cheated was right after I gave birth to our child, Kelly. Vulnerable and unsure, I turned to my family for advice. Despite their comforting words, I struggled to decide and ultimately stayed in the marriage. I convinced myself that he cheated because I couldn’t be the best wife during my pregnancy.

Years later, when Kelly was around 12, he cheated again. This time, I was determined to file for divorce. But my family and in-laws were against it, fearing a scandal that could ruin our reputation. Reluctantly, I filed for divorce, but the custody battle over Kelly was brutal. My ex-husband’s legal team and my in-laws had the upper hand.

I eventually lost custody of Kelly but received alimony and a reasonable settlement. Despite my efforts to stay in touch, my in-laws and even my own parents painted me as the villain to Kelly, portraying me as unforgiving and harsh. By the time she was a teenager, Kelly was convinced I was the bad guy.

During these tough times, my best friend, Tina, was my rock. She offered unwavering support and companionship. Without Tina, I might not have made it through. Over the years, I tried to rekindle my relationship with Kelly, even agreeing to support her graduate school tuition, but with a catch. Kelly had to give up her position as my heir, as stated in my will.

Life, however, has a funny way of balancing things. Kelly focused on rebuilding her life, pursued a degree in accountancy, and secured a high-paying job. Meanwhile, her dad, my ex-husband, faced a series of misfortunes, losing his job and getting entangled in a lawsuit. He soon ran out of resources, including the money meant for Kelly’s college education.



With her newfound financial independence and understanding of life’s complexities, Kelly had a change of heart and wanted to reconnect with me. I couldn’t help but wonder if her change of heart was motivated by her recent financial troubles, especially since her tuition was no longer guaranteed.

While I agreed to support her graduate school expenses, the stipulation remained that Kelly would forfeit her inheritance as stated in my will. My main beneficiary was my goddaughter, Laura, who had been like a daughter to me over the years.

This decision ignited a family controversy. Relatives are divided over whether I was right to prioritize Laura as my heir over my biological daughter, who seemed interested in reconnecting only after facing financial difficulties.

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