Target to launch a special Pride collection, following backlash from last year


Target to launch a special Pride collection, following backlash from last year


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Target Reduces Pride Collection Due to Backlash

Starting next month, shoppers looking for Pride merchandise at Target may notice fewer options available. The retailer has decided to scale back its Pride-themed selections this year. This change comes after significant backlash from conservative groups, which impacted sales negatively.

History of Support and Recent Controversy

For many years, Target has been an active supporter of the LGBTQ community, often featuring a wide range of Pride merchandise. However, the company experienced a substantial conservative backlash last year. The controversy began with a women’s bathing suit labeled as “tuck friendly,” which critics mistakenly claimed was marketed towards children. This misinformation led to a boycott by some right-wing activists, with more extreme actions including the destruction of Pride displays and threats to store employees.

As a result of these incidents, Target was forced to remove Pride merchandise from certain locations.


New Strategy for Pride Merchandise

In response to last year’s challenges, Target has revised its approach to Pride merchandise. This year, the retailer will focus on offering items in categories like adult apparel, home goods, and food and beverages. These products have been selected based on feedback from customers.

Target plans to make its 2024 Pride collection available through its website and in select stores. The selection of these stores will be based on their historical performance in selling such merchandise.

Target’s Ongoing Commitment

Despite the reduction in the variety of items offered, Target remains dedicated to the LGBTQ community. A Target spokesperson stated to CNN that the company’s commitment has not wavered and it aims to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for its LGBTQIA+ team members. This is part of Target’s broader culture of care, which extends to over 400,000 employees.

In conclusion, while the range of Pride merchandise at Target will be narrower this year, the company’s dedication to supporting the LGBTQ community and its employees continues strong. Shoppers interested in supporting Pride can still find select items online or in some Target stores based on availability and past sales data.

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