Stars Flipping Burgers: Celebrities in the Fast Food Game!


Stars Flipping Burgers: Celebrities in the Fast Food Game!


Peter Cover


Ever think celebs are all about fancy dinners and exclusive meals? Guess what? A bunch of them are secretly running the fast food joints you love! From grabbing a slice of pizza to chowing down on some crispy fries, these stars are making big moves in the fast food world. Let’s dive into the delicious details!

Shaq: The Fast Food Giant

Imagine the basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal not just scoring points but also serving up burgers and fries. Yep, Shaq owns a whopping 155 Five Guys locations and doesn’t stop there! He’s also got a piece of Papa John’s and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. With a fortune close to $400 million, Shaq’s fast food empire is as impressive as his sports career!

LeBron James: Scoring in Pizza

LeBron James isn’t just a basketball icon; he’s a pizza mogul too! With a big slice of Blaze Pizza, he’s got 19 stores serving up delicious, brick-oven pizzas. Forbes even calls Blaze the fastest-growing pizza chain. That’s right, LeBron’s game is strong both on the court and in the kitchen!

Danny Trejo: Tacos and Donuts Galore

Danny Trejo, the tough-guy actor, has a soft spot for food. In LA, he’s the proud owner of Trejo’s Tacos and Trejo’s Donuts. Mixing Mexican flavors with LA vibes, Danny’s food spots are a hit. And he’s not stopping; plans to expand to Vegas and New York are on the horizon.

Venus Williams: Smoothie Queen

Tennis superstar Venus Williams serves up more than just aces; she’s also serving delicious smoothies at Jamba Juice. Owning four locations, Venus is passionate about fighting obesity with healthy, tasty options. It’s a personal mission for her, blending her love for wellness with business.

Kim Kardashian: Burger Queen… in Europe?

Kim Kardashian, a name synonymous with glamour, surprisingly owns at least 10 Burger King locations across Europe. A gift from her ex, Kanye West, Kim’s fast food venture is a juicy addition to her vast business portfolio.

Chris Brown: King of Burgers?

Chris Brown, despite a controversial past, owns up to 14 Burger King locations. It’s a lesser-known fact about the star, proving that even in tough times, smart investments can pay off.

Kanye West: Fatburger Fanatic

Kanye West brings the heat to Chicago with 10 Fatburger franchises. A true Chicagoan at heart, Kanye’s investment in fast food is just one part of his diverse business empire.

Rick Ross: Checkers Champion

Rick Ross, the rap mogul, isn’t just about beats; he’s big on burgers too! Owning several Checkers and Rally’s locations, Ross’s love for the chain goes way back to his high school days. It’s more than business; it’s nostalgia.

Kevin Hart: Plant-Powered Fast Food

Kevin Hart, always ahead of the curve, opened Hart House, offering plant-based fast food delights. With burgers and shakes all vegan or vegetarian, Kevin’s venture is about delicious food that’s also kind to the planet.

Wiz Khalifa and DJ Khaled: The Virtual Food Kings

Wiz Khalifa and DJ Khaled are changing the game with delivery-only food ventures. Wiz’s HotBox and Khaled’s Another Wing are making waves in the virtual restaurant world, proving you don’t need a physical spot to serve up hot, tasty meals.

Phil Mickelson: Golfing for Burgers

Phil Mickelson, the golf legend, is also a Five Guys enthusiast. Owning locations in California, Phil’s love for burgers is as strong as his love for golf.

Peyton Manning: Pizza MVP

Peyton Manning, famous for football, is also a big player in the pizza world. With 31 Papa John’s locations, Manning’s passion for pizza is as intense as his game.

Drake: Hot Chicken Investor

Drake, the music superstar, fell for Dave’s Hot Chicken and became a major investor. With celebrity backing, Dave’s Hot Chicken is soaring to new heights of popularity.

Pharrell: Fatburger’s Asian Ambassador

Pharrell, not just happy with music, is bringing Fatburger to Asia. With 10 locations planned, including one in Macao, Pharrell’s venture blends his love for music with his taste for burgers.

Queen Latifah: Fast Food & Fitness?

Queen Latifah, while promoting health with Jenny Craig, also owns several Fatburger franchises. It’s an interesting mix, showing that in business, diversity is key.

Drew Brees: Healthy Fast Food Pioneer

Drew Brees, post-football, is now a champion of healthy fast food with everbowl. With locations across the US, Brees is making healthy eating quick and accessible.

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