SNL’s “Hot Women” Buzz: What’s All the Fuss About?


SNL’s “Hot Women” Buzz: What’s All the Fuss About?


Peter Cover

TikTok Sparks a Heated Debate

A TikTok clip has everyone talking. A user named Jahelis caused a stir by suggesting that “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), the comedy giant, hasn’t ever had a “hot woman” on their team. She even threw some shade at Heidi Gardner, a beloved cast member, while praising the looks of some male stars like Jimmy Fallon and Jason Sudeikis. Jahelis called Gardner the “conventionally attractive” one, albeit not fitting her definition of “hot.”

The View Chimes In

“The View” couldn’t stay silent on this hot topic. While Whoopi Goldberg opted out, not wanting to dive into the looks debate, Joy Behar had plenty to say. “SNL is about making people laugh, not a runway show,” she pointed out. Behar even suggested that being too attractive might distract from the comedy. Alyssa Farah Griffin agreed, mentioning that while TV often goes for good-looking folks, SNL’s focus isn’t on finding the next Beyoncé or Brad Pitt.

Behar also questioned Jahelis’s claim about the men of SNL being hotter, joking about not finding Belushi or Farley as her type. Her take? “You can be funny and attractive; there’s a balance.”

SNL Cast Responds with Humor

Sarah Sherman, an SNL star, took to social media with a tongue-in-cheek lament about not being considered hot, asking for privacy as she “grieves.” Chloe Troast, the newest face on SNL, joined the conversation with a cheeky TikTok of her own, singing “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera over Jahelis’s controversial video.


#stitch with @Jahelis

♬ original sound – chloetroast

Fans and social media users quickly came to SNL’s defense, highlighting the beauty and talent of cast members past and present, from Ego Nwodim to Tina Fey.

Looking Forward

As SNL gears up for its next episode, hosted by Kristen Wiig (one of the “hot men” Jahelis mentioned), the debate sparked by the viral TikTok might just find its way onto the show. Meanwhile, Jahelis offered a sarcastic apology, further fueling the conversation.


Welp. Thanks for the press ! I guess. #snl #snlsketch #hotwomen

♬ original sound – Jahelis

In the end, the uproar highlights a broader discussion about beauty standards, humor, and the role of women in comedy, reminding us that funny comes in all forms.

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