The Body Part You Clean First While Showering Says a Lot About You


The Body Part You Clean First While Showering Says a Lot About You


Daniel Stone


Scientists have discovered that the body part you wash first in the shower reflects aspects of your character. Here’s what it reveals about you:

1. Washing Your Hair First

If you wash your hair first, you value discipline and order. You have strong opinions and prioritize practicality. You’re punctual and manage time well. When choosing friends, you value intelligence over wealth.

2. Washing Your Chest First

If you wash your chest first, you’re confident and independent. You have an alpha personality and are direct in your approach to life.

3. Washing Your Armpits First

If you wash your armpits first, you’re popular and loyal to your friends. You love deeply and dislike grey areas. You either love someone completely or dislike them altogether.

4. Washing Your Face First

If you wash your face first, you care about how you’re perceived. You’re concerned about the five senses: smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing. You might get anxious or stressed about what others think of you.

5. Washing Your Shoulders or Neck First

If you wash your shoulders or neck first, you’re an overachiever. You’re ambitious and competitive. You believe in hard work but often carry the burden of your dreams.

6. Washing Your Arms or Legs First

If you wash your arms or legs first, you’re humble and down-to-earth. These parts symbolize strength and willpower. You have clear preferences and aren’t afraid to express them.

7. Washing Your Privates First

If you wash your privates first, you’re shy and introverted. You may have low self-esteem. You’re genuine and make those close to you comfortable. However, you might struggle to take a stand.

8. Washing Other Parts First

If you wash other parts first, you have unique values. You can be hard to understand but have great potential. You should live more adventurously and show off your qualities. Your ideal partner is someone who washes their face first.

Understanding your shower routine can offer insights into your personality. It can help you embrace your strengths and work on areas for growth.

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