Shocking Discovery: 44 Frozen Dogs Found


Shocking Discovery: 44 Frozen Dogs Found


Peter Cover


In a startling incident in New Jersey, police discovered 44 dead dogs packed in plastic bags and stored in freezers at the home of 65-year-old Donna Roberts. Alongside this grim find, 130 dogs were found living in terrible conditions, leading to Roberts’ arrest.

A House of Horrors

The moment inspectors from the Burlington County Health Department stepped into Roberts’ Shamong Township home, they were hit by a wave of nausea. The reason? Years of neglect had left the floors covered in animal waste, making the house a dangerous place for both animals and humans.

In this unhealthy environment, inspectors stumbled upon the frozen dogs. Meanwhile, many of the surviving dogs were in bad shape, suffering from neglect. Some were so ill they needed immediate medical attention.

Authorities Speak Out

“This is a tragic situation. Finding 44 dogs in freezers was shocking, but the awful living conditions for the other dogs were also heartbreaking,” stated NJ State Police Col. Patrick Callahan. He emphasized the duty of the police to protect all lives, including pets who can’t defend themselves.

Shamong Township had recently set a rule that homes could only have 14 animals. Authorities knew Roberts had far more than allowed, leading them to inspect her property.

Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina expressed his disgust at the conditions: “The terrible situation these dogs were in has led us to press charges against Donna Roberts.”

Roberts Defends Herself

Roberts, however, sees things differently. She told the NY Post that the dead dogs were born still and had been in the freezers for seven years, forgotten. “It’s common for breeders to store dead dogs like this. They’re blowing this out of proportion. I didn’t harm them,” she insisted.

Roberts, who breeds animals for a living, claimed she planned to send the dead dogs for examination in Alabama. Despite facing charges of animal abuse, she’s determined to fight back, maintaining her innocence.

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