Shakira Spills the Beans: What She Hates About Her Own Music


Shakira Spills the Beans: What She Hates About Her Own Music


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Shakira, the famous singer, spilled the beans about what makes her cringe when she listens to her own songs. In a fiery interview on Hot Ones, she revealed some spicy details about her iconic tunes.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

During the interview, host Sean Evans brought up a moment when Shakira heard one of her old songs while driving with her kids. She confessed, “I used to suck.” When asked what specifically makes her cringe, she admitted there were many things. “I think I overdid the cries in my voice,” she confessed, demonstrating with a laugh.

The Evolution of Shakira

Shakira also talked about how her voice has changed over time, especially after having children. She noticed her voice becoming thicker and more mature. “I have evolved as a woman, as a person,” she said proudly.

Expensive Mistakes and Hot Wings

Shakira shared a costly blunder from her tour days involving a giant fake cobra that cost a whopping $1 million. Despite the success of her tour, she ended up losing money because of it. “It was a stupid mistake,” she lamented.

Spice and Everything Nice?

As if the spicy interview wasn’t enough, Shakira struggled with the heat of the hot wings. She even had to soothe her burning lips with macadamia milk. The spice got too intense for the Colombian star, who had to dunk her tongue in the milk to cool down.

Watch the Full Interview

If you’re curious to see Shakira battle it out with hot wings and spill more secrets, be sure to watch the full interview above!

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