Shakira Finds New Love with British Actor Lucien Laviscount!


Shakira Finds New Love with British Actor Lucien Laviscount!


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Shakira, the famous singer, has started dating Lucien Laviscount, the handsome British actor known from “Emily In Paris”. They met while making a super hot music video together, but some of Shakira’s friends are worried. They think Lucien might be more interested in becoming famous than in the relationship.

A Steamy Music Video Sparks Romance

In the music video for Shakira’s song “Punteria”, Lucien and Shakira get pretty cozy. Lucien is shirtless, tenderly touching Shakira’s face, making everyone wonder if there’s real love in the air. And yes, they’re officially an item now! But it’s still early days, and they’re keeping it casual.

Shakira, at 47, is looking for love again, but her pals are a bit nervous. They’ve seen Lucien climb the celebrity ladder by dating famous women, and they’re scared Shakira might just be another rung on his way up. Despite these fears, the couple is enjoying their time together, although it’s nothing serious yet. There’s chatter about Shakira not being over her ex, Gerard Piqué, and that Lucien might just be a rebound.

Past Loves and New Beginnings

Before Shakira, Lucien had a few famous girlfriends, including Kerry Katona and Jesy Nelson from Little Mix. Meanwhile, Shakira is moving on from her breakup with Gerard Piqué, with whom she shares two sons. Their split last year was pretty tough on her, especially after rumors of his infidelity.

The video shoot for “Punteria” was where sparks flew between Shakira and Lucien. In one dramatic scene, Shakira shoots Lucien with an arrow, and he’s seen lying in her lap, shirtless. This daring scene had fans gossiping even before they confirmed their relationship.

After the video’s release, the two were spotted having dinner in New York, looking fabulous together in coordinated black outfits. But as their romance blooms, some friends fear Lucien’s intentions might not be all about love.

Shakira’s Journey of Rebuilding

After her split from Piqué, Shakira has been focusing on her music and her family. She’s been open about the pain of her breakup and how she’s using music to heal. Her latest album, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran”, is a testament to her strength and resilience.

Shakira has also shared her struggles with balancing her career and being there for her family. She’s sacrificed a lot for love in the past and is now on a journey to rebuild her life.

A Controversial Opinion on the Barbie Movie

Recently, Shakira shared her sons’ reaction to the “Barbie” movie, saying they found it “emasculating”. She agrees to some extent, expressing her desire for her sons to feel empowered while still respecting women. Shakira believes in empowering women without diminishing men’s roles.

As Shakira and Lucien navigate their new relationship, fans and friends alike are watching closely, hoping for the best but prepared for anything. Only time will tell if this romance is the real deal or just another Hollywood fling.

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