Saying Goodbye to a Star: Adrian Schiller


Saying Goodbye to a Star: Adrian Schiller


Peter Cover

Adrian Schiller, Beloved Actor from “Victoria” and “The Last Kingdom”, Passes Away Unexpectedly at 60

In a shocking piece of news that has saddened fans across the globe, the talented English actor Adrian Schiller has left us. His talent agency, Scott Marshall Partners, broke the sad news on Thursday, telling everyone that Adrian passed away all of a sudden on Wednesday.

A Sudden Goodbye

Adrian’s team, in their heartfelt message to People, mentioned, “Adrian left us unexpectedly and much too soon. Everyone close to him, including his family and friends, are absolutely heartbroken over this immense loss.” They didn’t share what caused his sudden passing.

Adrian’s sister, Ginny, shared a touching note online, saying Adrian passed away peacefully at his home. She expressed her sorrow for his many friends finding out this way and promised to share details about his funeral or memorial service later.

Remembering Adrian Schiller: A Versatile Talent

Adrian Schiller wasn’t just any actor; he was a remarkable presence on screen and stage. He is widely remembered for his role in the British period drama “Victoria,” where he brilliantly portrayed a servant to Jenna Coleman’s Queen Victoria. Not to forget, his memorable appearance as Monsieur D’Arque in the 2017 live-action “Beauty and the Beast.”

From 2018 to 2022, Adrian brought to life Ealdorman Aethelhelm in the captivating historical drama “The Last Kingdom,” proving his versatility and talent.

A Loss to the Stage and Screen

Before his untimely death, Adrian was lighting up the stage with the National Theatre’s touring production of “The Lehman Trilogy.” Rufus Norris, the director of National Theatre, shared, “It’s a deep shock and sadness for us to lose Adrian, a beloved member of our theatre family and a dear friend.”

Adrian Schiller was 60 years old, leaving behind a legacy of memorable performances and a void in the hearts of those who admired his work.

A Final Farewell

As we bid farewell to Adrian Schiller, we remember the joy and depth he brought to his roles, both on the big screen and the stage. His sudden departure is a reminder of the fragility of life and the lasting impact of a person’s work and character.

Rest in Peace, Adrian Schiller. Your legacy will continue to inspire and entertain.

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