Princess Kate Gets Powerful Message from Unexpected Ally


Princess Kate Gets Powerful Message from Unexpected Ally


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In an inspiring twist, the Princess of Wales, Kate, has found support from a former prisoner she once inspired. Francesca Fattore, 44, who turned her life around thanks to Kate, sent a heartfelt message: “Sending you lots of love – keep fighting. Remember, cancer has to live with you, not the other way around. You’ll win this battle.”

A Royal Visit Changes Lives

Francesca, or Fran as she prefers, met Kate during a royal visit to HMP Send in Surrey. At that time, Fran was part of a rehabilitation program and was chosen to meet the Princess. Describing the meeting, Fran recalls being nervous but found Kate’s genuine interest and sincerity comforting. This encounter motivated Fran to pursue a better path, making her feel valued and inspired.

Bravery in the Face of Adversity

The Princess of Wales recently shared her own battle with cancer, a revelation that resonated deeply with Fran, especially as she cares for her own mother fighting the disease. The news of Kate’s diagnosis struck Fran hard, emphasizing the Princess’s kindness and the cruel randomness of cancer.

From Convict to Champion

Fran’s journey from inmate to influencer is nothing short of remarkable. Serving time for drug offenses, she has since dedicated herself to aiding other women in prison. Through her YouTube channel, UK Ex Female Prisoner, Fran offers advice and shares stories to help others navigate life behind bars and beyond. Her initiative has grown, now including a safe-space Facebook group for female ex-prisoners, addressing everything from housing to health.

A New Mission

Driven by a desire to break the cycle of reoffending, Fran and a former prison mental health specialist are working towards transforming their project into a charity. Their aim? To support women at risk of homelessness after prison and pair them with mentors who have successfully reintegrated into society.

Meeting Kate: A Turning Point

Reflecting on her journey, Fran credits her meeting with Kate as a pivotal moment that propelled her toward change. Once convinced her life of crime was inescapable, Fran now sees a bright future ahead. Her story is a testament to the power of positive influence and the possibility of transformation, all sparked by a moment of kindness from the Princess of Wales.

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