Prince Philip’s brutal nickname for Meghan Markle exposed


Prince Philip’s brutal nickname for Meghan Markle exposed


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A royal expert revealed that Prince Philip had a sharp nickname for Meghan Markle. He called her something unkind.

Why Meghan Was Compared to Wallis Simpson

He compared her to Wallis Simpson. Like Meghan, Wallis was American and divorced when she married into the royal family. Wallis married former King Edward VIII.


Background on Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson was a divorced American who became the Duchess of Windsor. Her marriage led to King Edward VIII giving up his throne in December 1936. At that time, royals couldn’t marry divorced people. This rule changed in 2002.

After marrying, Wallis and King Edward could not come back to their country without his brother’s permission. This brother was the new King George VI. There were worries that their return might upset people.

In 1937, Wallis and Edward visited Nazi Germany. They met Adolf Hitler and were photographed giving a Nazi salute.

Philip’s Brutal Nickname Explained

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward explained Philip’s thoughts during a GB News interview. She said Philip noticed similarities between Meghan and Wallis Simpson. That’s why he gave Meghan a secretive nickname.

Philip was known for his sharp insight into people. He tried to see good in them but couldn’t ignore the similarities he saw. So, he called Meghan “Duchess of Windsor,” but only when she wasn’t around. He nicknamed her “DOW.”

Ingrid Seward wrote more about Philip’s cautious view of Meghan in her book ‘My Mother and I’. He thought Meghan might disrupt the royal family. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II hoped Meghan would do well.

Harry and Meghan’s Life Now

Since leaving royal duties in 2020 and moving to California, Harry and Meghan have stayed quite private. Harry plans to visit the UK for the Invictus Games’ 10th anniversary. Meghan will stay in the US due to safety worries and to avoid controversies.

Meghan skipped King Charles III’s coronation, which Harry attended alone. She chooses to focus on her safety and peace, given the ongoing public interest in her and the royal family.

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