Prince Harry Proudly Watches Meghan Shine at SXSW!


Prince Harry Proudly Watches Meghan Shine at SXSW!


Peter Cover



At the SXSW panel celebrating International Women’s Day, Meghan Markle dazzled with her exquisite attire, while Prince Harry stood proudly in the front row to back her.

At a distinguished festival, the forty-two-year-old Duchess of Sussex led a panel discussion on “breaking barriers” and “women’s representation” with Brooke Shields and news anchor Katie Couric.

Exuding confidence as she stepped onto the platform and was formally announced as Megan, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan joined the other panelists in an open dialogue. She talked candidly about the “hatred” she encountered while pregnant.

The Duchess of Sussex, who left her $14.65 million Montecito residence on Thursday to go to Austin, looked stunning in a $1,000 Giuliva Heritage silk maxi skirt and matching $975 button-up blouse. She completed the ensemble with some large gold earrings.


Harry, 39, was spotted looking up at his wife from the front row during the panel discussion and cheering Meghan on with the other guests. Harry and Meghan went on a date night on Thursday at the Austin location of Soho House, a premium members’ club.

Meghan Markle celebrated International Women’s Day in classic Hollywood flair by taking part in a panel with a star-studded lineup at SXSW.

At the esteemed event, the 42-year-old Duchess of Sussex appeared on stage alongside actress Brooke Shields and veteran news presenter Katie Couric.

Meghan started out by raving about her “excitement” at being a part of the panel.


Prince Harry, accompanied by Soho House founder Markus Anderson (left), encouraged his wife from the front row during the panel discussion.

Markus Anderson, a Soho House tycoon who played a key role in bringing the Sussexes together in the early stages of their relationship, joined Prince Harry in the front row.

First, the Duchess gushed about how excited she was to be on the panel and then she highlighted all of the female-focused projects that she and Prince Harry work on together through their nonprofit, the Archewell Foundation.

‘I’m so excited to be here and to be with such incredible women, so much brilliance on this panel and this is just such an amazing way to celebrate International Women’s Day,’ she said.


She continued by talking about a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Hatred she has received on social media, particularly when she was pregnant with her children, Archie and Lilibet 
  • The need for more inclusivity and accurate representation of women and mothers in media 
  • Fighting to protect children and young people from dangers of social media while praising Prince Harry for being an ‘incredible partner’ and ‘hands-on’ dad
  • Retold her story about leading campaign to change ‘sexist’ soap commercial when she was 11 years old 


Regarding the Archewell Foundation’s choice to support a recent study that demanded ‘true representation’ for mothers on TV, Meghan explained that she and Harry had chosen to get involved with the project for ‘three key reasons’.

‘My husband and I, our foundation helped to fund it because I think from our standpoint, and certainly from mine, there are three key reasons why it felt vital to see the information they were going to be pulling from this report,’ she said.


‘On a personal level, I’ve just always loved understanding women and our stories and our lived experiences and our shared experiences so I was really curious to see what the report was going to uncover.

‘Oftentimes as women, the way that we see ourselves is reflected back to us, sometimes accurately, and sometimes, much to our disservice, inaccurately, in what we see in media.

‘So to be able to have the findings to uncover what we can do to propel that, to make sure women are really feeling seen in a way that is reflective of who and how we are and how we move through the world, felt important.

‘From a philanthropic standpoint with our foundation, there is obviously a lot of work to be done in supporting women and moms. You can begin with paid leave.’


She continued by saying that as Archewell’s production division “expands its slate” of projects—both on film and in podcasts—it is concentrating more on its own portrayal of women and moms.

Meghan hosts a podcast called Archetypes, which she started as part of the Sussexes’ lucrative partnership with Spotify. After the pair broke up with the well-known streaming service, the show moved to Lemonade Media.


Meghan continued by talking about the hate she encountered online when expecting her two children, Lilibet, who is now two, and Archie, who is now four.


‘I keep my distance from [social media] right now for my wellbeing but the bulk of the bullying and abuse I was experiencing in social media and online was when I was pregnant with Archie and with Lili, and with a newborn, with each of them,’ When questioned about the trolling she had experienced, she stated.

‘You just think about that and to wrap your head about why people would be so hateful. it’s not catty it’s cruel. Why you would do that when you’re pregnant or as a mom at such a tender and sacred time.’

She questioned how anybody could target new or pregnant moms, emphasizing that a large portion of the hate on the internet was directed against other women by other women.

‘[It’s] women completely spewing that to other women and I cannot make sense of that,’ Meghan continued.



Meghan talked on the impact that online “hatred” had on her throughout her pregnancies and the early stages of parenthood. She then talked about the efforts being made by the Archewell Foundation to make sure that moms and women feel more supported and protected while they are online.

As she talked about the “dizzying” effects that social media can have on a new mother, Meghan acknowledged Prince Harry’s “support,” calling him their “incredible partner” and “hands-on dad” to their two children.

‘The effect that social media can have a new mothers… even just the lack of sleep because they spend all this time scrolling and scrolling,’ she said.


‘But it can also be really dizzying for them to see this portrayal of motherhood that looks so perfect, when we all know that it’s not perfect. We all know that it’s messy.

‘I’m fortunate in that amongst the privileges that I have in my life, I have an incredible partner. My husband is such a hands-on dad and such a supporter of me and of my family, and that I don’t take for granted, that is a real blessing.

‘But a lot of people don’t have that same level of support. So for us, it’s just trying to put the safeguards in so women, and moms especially, can not feel like they’re even more vulnerable when they go online, so they can somehow feel like they are going to a safer place.’

Actress Brooke Shields, TV anchor Katie Couric, and inclusion expert Nancy Wang Yuen joined the mother-of-two on the panel.


Meghan accessorized with huge gold earrings to pair with her silky long skirt and subdued silver-beige blouse.

‘I’m so excited to be here and to be with such incredible women, so much brilliance on this panel and this is just such an amazing way to celebrate IWD,’ She said as she sat down.

As her husband Harry looked on, Meghan spoke candidly during the discussion about the “hatred” she had while carrying her twins, Archie and Lilibet.



One of the topics of discussion was how society might seek to make “the world more equitable,” and Meghan brought up the significance of representation for “young girls” to start the debate.

‘If you’re a young girl and you see yourself in a position of power or strength or leadership, you can believe that is possible,’ she said.

‘If you look out on the screen, or you look out in the world, and you see no one that looks like you, it is incomprehensible for most people to imagine that they can have that level of success or joy or strength.’

Subsequently, Meghan was asked by former Today anchor Katie whether she would “retell the story about when you wrote that letter to P&G,” alluding to an incident in which the Duchess, then 11 years old, fought against a “sexist” Procter & Gamble campaign.


‘I don’t know if anyone… if everyone’s heard it, but it’s such a great story at a very young age,’ Katie went on, before apologizing for ‘disrupting the flow’ of the panel.

Meghan gladly consented to tell the gathering the tale, beaming with pleasure, having brought it up at other occasions in the past.

‘I was 11 years old, about 11 years old, and I had seen a commercial on TV for a dishwashing liquid, and the boys in my class at the time… you know it said, “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans,” and the boys said, “Yeah that’s where women belong, in the kitchen,”‘ Meghan recalled.

‘And at 11, I just found that infuriating, and [so] I ended up writing lots of letters, I put pen to paper, and they ended up changing the commercial to “people all over America”.


‘It’s funny to look back at it now, because that was before social media where you have a reach that is so much greater, it was just an 11 year old with a pen and paper.

‘But it just goes to show that if you know that there’s something wrong and you’re using your voice to advocate in the direction of what is right, that can really land and resonate and make huge change for a lot of people.’

Meghan then came to her conclusion: ‘Your voice is not small, it just needs to be heard.’

During the session, Meghan recounted her experience of getting Procter & Gamble to modify a “sexist” soap advertisement when she was eleven years old.


Meghan made an appearance on Nick News following her 1993 campaign to get the manufacturing business to modify a dishwashing liquid TV commercial.

The Duchess of Sussex looked stunning in a similar $975 button-up shirt and a silver-beige $1,000 Giuliva Heritage silk maxi skirt.

Earlier this week, the festival revealed Meghan’s participation in the panel, praising the Duchess as a “visionary female leader” and stating that she and the other attendees would talk about “women’s representation in media and entertainment” and “breaking barriers” as well as “challenging stereotypes.”

“Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen” is the panel’s title at SXSW. “Women’s representation in media and entertainment has come a long way, but there’s still much to be done, especially for women of color and mothers.”


The pervasiveness of social media has increased the stakes and created a hazardous atmosphere that has resulted in major mental health problems, particularly for adolescent girls.

‘On International Women’s Day, we’ll hear from feminist and champion of human rights and gender equity, New York Times bestselling author, and co-founder of The Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex; Emmy Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Katie Couric; two-time Golden Globe Award-nominated actress, model, entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author Brooke Shields; and author, sociologist, pop culture expert, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant at Peoplism Nancy Wang Yuen.’

The annual South by Southwest festival, sometimes referred to as SXSW, takes place from March 8–16 and honors the integration of technology, cinema, music, education, and culture.

During the conversation, Meghan had a carefree and joyful appearance, grinning broadly while interacting with the other panelists.


The Duchess of Sussex seemed optimistic for the most of the conversation, despite touching on some extremely important subjects during the panel, such as the risks that children face on social media.

Earlier last week, the festival revealed Meghan’s participation on the panel, praising the Duchess as a “visionary female leader.”

Every year, from March 8 to March 16, SXSW is a festival that honors the combination of technology, cinema, music, education, and culture.

According to the organizers, Meghan’s discussion will be sponsored by The 19th, a nonprofit journalism that covers women, politics, and policy, in association with her and Harry’s Archewell Foundation.


According to reports, Meghan and Harry landed in Austin on Thursday. They were seen dining at Soho House, a cute homage to their first date, which took place at one of the premium members’ clubs in London.

Observers noticed the happy pair and reported to People that they were “happy and in great spirits” while having supper.

‘Harry was very animated throughout the dinner. They were super low key and seemed happy to be around the upbeat vibes at the lively venue,’ The unidentified bystander told People.

The Sussexes’ date night occurred nearly eight years after their first get-together at London’s Soho House. They had such a good time that next day, they went back, and it’s thought they took a private black-and-white picture of each other laughing in a photobooth.


In his shocking book, Spare, Harry talked candidly about his first date with his wife, revealing to his dismay that he had indeed been late to the location.

‘Red-cheeked, puffing, sweaty, half-an-hour late, I ran into the restaurant, into the quiet room, and found her sitting at a small area on a low velvet sofa in front of a low coffee table,’ After writing this, he proceeded to write about how ‘beautiful’ he found Meghan to be when he first saw her.

It is believed that Prince Harry and Meghan, who were spotted together in Canada last month, went to Austin on Thursday.

Ahead of her participation on the star-studded panel on the first day of the SXSW festival, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry were photographed at Soho House Austin on Thursday night.


‘I’d seen so many photos of her from fashion shoots and TV sets, all glam and glossy, but there she was, in the flesh, no frills, no filter… and even more beautiful,’ he said.

Only one day had passed since a court had ordered the Department of Homeland Security to turn over confidential information on the Duke’s immigration documents so he could examine it and choose whether or not to make it public before Harry’s appearance at the festival.

This came about as a result of a hearing held by Judge Carl Nichols in Washington, D.C. last month, when the DHS and the Heritage Foundation—which is requesting the material’s release—spoke.

The records are being sought for publication by the Heritage Foundation as part of a Freedom of Information request that was made last year in response to Harry’s admission of drug use in both his memoir and the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary.


The Duke’s revelation raised doubts about whether or not he had spoken the truth on his immigration documents, which ask visitors to the US to indicate whether or not they are now drug addicts or abusers.

A border official might ban the Duke from entering the country or remove him from it if he lied on his admission documents.

As per the most recent update, Judge Nichols informed the DHS that the arguments presented were not “detailed enough” for him to reach a conclusion.

He asked the immigration authorities to produce affidavits outlining the precise harm that would be caused by revealing the Duke of Sussex’s application for a visa.



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