No matter what unfolds, avoid saying these 4 phrases to your partner during a fight


No matter what unfolds, avoid saying these 4 phrases to your partner during a fight


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Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. In fact, it can be healthy. Navigating disagreements productively and positively is crucial. However, things can go wrong when arguments turn destructive, often involving statements you may regret later. Here are four things you should avoid saying to your partner during an argument.

1. Criticizing Family Members

In the heat of an argument, some people may criticize their partner’s family members. This often happens when a husband says negative things about his wife’s family or when a wife points out flaws in her husband’s family. Even if the couple reconciles, the hurtful comments about family tend to linger. It’s important to avoid making negative comments about each other’s family during a fight.

2. Revealing a Partner’s Secret

Arguments can sometimes lead to one partner revealing the other’s secret in an attempt to make them feel remorseful or sad. This can create a lingering fear that their secret might be exposed to others during future disagreements, leading to a loss of trust. It’s best to keep each other’s secrets safe, even during conflicts.

3. Insulting Your Partner’s Career

During disputes, some partners criticize their significant other’s salary or job to humiliate them. This can diminish respect and leave a lasting negative impression. Even if the tension subsides, the hurtful comments about one’s career are often remembered. Avoid making negative remarks about your partner’s work during arguments.

4. Reminding Your Partner of Past Mistakes

In the middle of an argument, partners may remind each other of past mistakes, either intentionally or unintentionally. This often leads to broken hearts and lingering pain from the hurtful words. It’s important to focus on resolving the current issue and not bring up past faults.


In relationships, it’s crucial to be mindful of what you say during conflicts. Criticizing family members, revealing secrets, insulting careers, and reminding each other of past mistakes can cause lasting damage. By avoiding these destructive statements, couples can navigate disagreements more effectively and maintain a healthy relationship.

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