Ozzy Osbourne, 74, Shares Update on Health Following ‘Last’ Surgery: ‘I Can’t Continue This’


Ozzy Osbourne, 74, Shares Update on Health Following ‘Last’ Surgery: ‘I Can’t Continue This’


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Ozzy Osbourne’s Long Battle with Health Issues

Ozzy Osbourne, famously known as “The Prince of Darkness,” has faced numerous health challenges throughout his life. These issues intensified after a severe quad-bike accident in 2003. More recently, in 2019, Osbourne suffered a dangerous fall that dislodged metal screws in his spine, significantly impacting his health.

Recent Health Updates from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy’s wife, has been open about the rock star’s health struggles, revealing that he was preparing for a critical surgery that could significantly affect his future. Ozzy Osbourne himself recently shared that he had undergone what he hopes will be his final surgery to repair his broken neck. He described the past few years as “absolute hell” and expressed relief at nearing the end of his medical journey.


The Impact of Surgery and Support

Ozzy’s latest health update included details about his final procedure, which occurred two days ago. He expressed immense relief and gratitude, stating, “The main thing is over now, I’m done with the surgery.” Despite the hardships, Ozzy credited his family’s unwavering support as essential in his recovery. He also mentioned his battle with Parkinson’s disease, highlighting his resilience and determination to keep moving forward.

Misconceptions About Ozzy’s Health

Jack Osbourne, Ozzy’s son, clarified that many people mistakenly attribute Ozzy’s frail health to Parkinson’s disease. However, his health issues began with the neck injury from his 2019 fall. Ozzy emphasized his philosophy of perseverance, regardless of the challenges: “I don’t gripe, I get on with it. If you are still moving, you ain’t going to be dead.”

Ozzy’s Final Words on His Music Career

During a discussion on the podcast “The Osbournes,” Ozzy touched on his decision to conclude his surgical treatments and his music career. He confirmed his retirement from performing, marking a significant end to an era for the rock legend. His last performances were back in 2018, with only a couple of appearances since then.

Conclusion: Wishing Ozzy Good Health

As fans and followers of Ozzy Osbourne’s storied career, we extend our best wishes for his continued recovery and good health. His journey through these health challenges has been arduous but his spirit remains unbroken, exemplifying the resilience that has defined his life and career.

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