Viral Beauty Trend Alert: Nose Hair Extensions on the Rise


Viral Beauty Trend Alert: Nose Hair Extensions on the Rise


Daniel Stone


When I first saw this trend, I had to take a double take. With more “beauty” trends emerging, I feel like I am always behind. Now, I’m seeing Nose Hair Extensions everywhere.

Yes, your first reaction is probably the same as mine. I wish I were joking when I say it’s the newest beauty craze.

Instagram’s Obsession

Instagram is one of the first platforms to go crazy over this trend. Many beauty bloggers are asking if this look is a yay or nay. And, believe it or not, it’s not just one person trying this trend. Several beauty bloggers are jumping on board.

The Reactions

This trend has its perks. One of them is seeing all the reactions. The more you look into it, the more creative the responses become. Some people are even blind reacting to this new trend, adding to the fun.



Confusion and Curiosity

Certain beauty trends always make me scratch my head in confusion. Can anyone really think Nose Hair Extensions are a good idea? If I wore these, I know I would be itching or sneezing uncontrollably.

Would You Try It?

Would you ever try these nose hair extensions? Do you think you could rock this look? This is definitely one of those trends I will never understand.

A Trend for Halloween?

It might be a cool Halloween look, though! It looks like you would be carrying around little pet spiders. In the end, some people will like trends more than others. Some may just want to keep up with social media.

So, what do you think? Are Nose Hair Extensions a hit or miss?

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