Meghan Markle’s Amazing Journey: From First Love to Royal Life


Meghan Markle’s Amazing Journey: From First Love to Royal Life


Peter Cover

Once Inseparable from Her First Husband

Meghan Markle’s love story reads like a fairy tale, but did you know she had a whole chapter before Prince Harry came along? That’s right – Meghan was once head-over-heels for her first husband, Trevor Engelson, who was her biggest fan. Fast forward, and she’s now living a dream life with Prince Harry, sharing six years of marriage, two adorable kids, and an adventurous leap from royal duties to the US.

Meghan’s First Chapter: Trevor Engelson

Before the royal spotlight, Meghan’s heart belonged to Trevor Engelson. The two got married in a fun-filled Jamaican wedding in 2011, only to part ways two years later. While the reason behind their split remains a puzzle, a royal expert hints it was quite the shocker for Trevor.

A Star in the Making: Meghan’s Early Days

Born into the glitz of Hollywood, Meghan always had a sparkle in her eyes for change and acting. Her first steps into showbiz were on the set of “Deal or No Deal,” but her breakthrough came with “Suits,” where she shined as Rachel Zane. All along, her father’s guidance on finding her light both on and off the camera stayed with her.

The Tale of Meghan and Trevor

Their love story began in 2004, eventually tying the knot seven years later. Trevor, a New York-born film producer, and Meghan, the rising star, seemed to have it all. However, distance and busy schedules soon tested their bond, with Meghan spending more time in Toronto for “Suits” and Trevor engrossed in his productions.

The Unexpected Turn

Despite once saying she couldn’t imagine life without Trevor, Meghan’s new life in Toronto started shaping a different future for her. By 2013, their journey together ended, leaving Trevor heartbroken. Rumors swirled that Meghan sent back her rings through the mail – a silent message that their chapter had closed.

Life Goes On

Meghan’s path took a royal turn when she met Prince Harry, while Trevor continued to make his mark in Hollywood. Still, the tale of Meghan and Trevor’s love and separation continues to intrigue many.

What’s Next?

As the world watches Meghan’s fairy tale with Harry unfold, there’s buzz about Trevor sharing his side of the story in an upcoming book. Will we finally uncover the mystery of their split?

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