Meet D’Corey Johnson: The 11-Year-Old Singing Sensation on “America’s Got Talent”


Meet D’Corey Johnson: The 11-Year-Old Singing Sensation on “America’s Got Talent”


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Get ready to be amazed by D’Corey Johnson, an 11-year-old powerhouse from Louisville, Kentucky, who recently took the “America’s Got Talent” stage by storm in its 18th season premiere on May 30. Who is D’Corey, and how did this young talent make his way onto one of America’s most beloved talent shows? Here’s everything you need to know about this inspiring young singer.

A Star is Born from a Viral Video

D’Corey’s journey to fame began in an unexpectedly humble way. As a third-grader at Bates Elementary, D’Corey asked his principal, Miss Dunn, for permission to sing the National Anthem. His performance was recorded and posted on the school’s Facebook page with his mother’s consent, launching D’Corey into the viral stratosphere. “From there, everything took off,” D’Corey recalls about that pivotal moment.

A Show-Stopping Audition on AGT

During his audition on “America’s Got Talent,” D’Corey chose to sing “Open Arms,” a song suggested by the show’s producers, despite not knowing it well initially. He only had five days to master the piece while simultaneously participating in another show, showcasing his remarkable dedication and ability to thrive under pressure. His performance was so impressive that Simon Cowell asked him to sing it acapella. D’Corey’s flawless delivery without any musical accompaniment earned high praise from the judge Reba McEntire, who exclaimed, “Best decision ever and this little guy killed it!”

Rising Fame and Early Beginnings

Following his viral anthem performance, D’Corey became a sought-after singer for major events, including the Daytona 500 and NFL games. His voice not only captivated live audiences but also led to opportunities in film, with singing roles in movies like “Sing 2” and “The Loud House Movie.”

More Than Just a Singer

D’Corey is also a songwriter, having penned a song about the tragic shooting of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old who was fatally shot by Louisville police in 2020. His song, released in 2022, reflects his deep connection to his community and his desire to make an impact through his music.

On the Road with “Hits: The Musical”

Despite his young age, D’Corey landed a role in the musical production “Hits: The Musical,” produced by Dionne Warwick and her son Damon Elliott. Selected from 7,000 auditionees, D’Corey joined a talented cast of young performers touring 48 cities, demonstrating his versatility and stamina as a performer.

A Moment of Pure Joy

Reflecting on his acapella performance on AGT, D’Corey shared his emotional response: “I was so happy and overwhelmed with a feeling of gratefulness for this opportunity that tears of joy were all that came out.” This young artist’s journey is not just about showcasing his vocal talent but also about embracing each moment of his blossoming career with gratitude and joy.

D’Corey Johnson is not just a singer; he’s a beacon of young talent with a promising future ahead. As he continues to capture hearts across America, he remains a symbol of perseverance and passion in the world of music. Keep your eyes on this incredible young star!

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