Kind Woman Rescues Slumbering Fawn Found Beneath Car Tire with a Thoughtful Note


Kind Woman Rescues Slumbering Fawn Found Beneath Car Tire with a Thoughtful Note


Daniel Stone


In some parts of the United States, it’s important to check around and under your car for wildlife. This precaution can prevent accidents and protect animals. One woman found a baby deer sleeping under a car tire and decided to take action.

A Caring Woman’s Facebook Post Goes Viral

This kind-hearted woman wanted to alert the car owner about the baby deer. She posted on Facebook, and the story quickly gained traction.

Community Reactions: Humor and Heartfelt Comments

The Facebook post received many comments. Some were funny, while others were touching. One comment from Joshua Kevin Nye stood out:

“You know it was an elderly woman, but how? Why didn’t she just write a message instead of telling you there was a blasted deer under the tire? I’m looking for clarification!”

Another commenter humorously hoped that the driver could read:

“I suppose you can’t always get that conclusion from the way some people drive.”


Appreciation for a Kind Act

Among the kind responses, Cyntha Atkinson’s comment was notable:

“Thank you for leaving the note, kind woman.”

This comment shows appreciation for those who take time to make a difference.

What Would You Do?

This story makes us think about our actions. Would you continue with your day, leave a note, or try to help the deer get out from under the car? This woman chose to act, and her story touched many hearts.

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