Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend, 54, sparks mixed reactions with teal cut-out dress on red carpet


Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend, 54, sparks mixed reactions with teal cut-out dress on red carpet


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Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant might not be the flashiest or most controversial couple in Hollywood. They are not outspoken or attention-loving, but they are undeniably adorable.

A Positive Spotlight

Keanu and Alexandra, both 54, often make headlines when they appear on the red carpet. Almost everything said about them is positive. They do not engage in publicity stunts or play up for the cameras to generate buzz.

Down-to-Earth in Hollywood

There is something refreshingly down-to-earth about this couple. In the glitz-and-glam world of Hollywood, their genuine love for each other stands out. It’s no wonder people are happy whenever they make an appearance.


Recent Criticism at the MOCA Gala

Despite their positive image, they still face criticism. Recently, Keanu and Alexandra attended the MOCA Gala. Alexandra wore a striking teal cut-out dress, while Keanu wore a dark suit and scarf. They turned heads, but some critics commented negatively on Alexandra’s dress.

One person wrote: “Her dress was completely wrinkled. I can’t believe it. I’m just saying, why didn’t she steam it? Why do this?” Another added: “Well, at least she is a woman; iron your dress.” A third said: “The rich & famous have everything they can want & insist on dressing sloppy. As if to say I’m down to earth. COME ON!!!!” A fourth cruelly wrote: “Keanu and his mother.”

A Love Story Over a Decade in the Making

Keanu and Alexandra’s relationship dates back to 2009. They first met at a dinner party. In 2011, they collaborated on a book titled Ode to Happiness, with Keanu as the author and Alexandra as the illustrator.



Keeping Love Private

For many years, Keanu and Alexandra kept their romance private. They made their official debut as a couple at the LACMA Art + Film Gala presented by Gucci in 2019.

A Low-Key Lifestyle

Known for their low-key lifestyle, the couple prefers intimate gatherings at home over extravagant events. Sources close to them, as reported by People, describe them as “homebodies.” They cherish their time together and prioritize moments that truly matter to them.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant exemplify a genuine Hollywood romance. Despite occasional criticism, they continue to captivate the public with their authenticity and love for each other.

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