Katie Price Goes Big with New Bum Lift and Fillers!


Katie Price Goes Big with New Bum Lift and Fillers!


Peter Cover


Katie Price, the well-known reality TV star, has just treated herself to a new bum lift and fillers, right after paying off an £800 court fine for driving offenses. She shared her excitement and the stunning results with her fans on social media, making quite the buzz.

Bouncing Back with a Bang!

Despite her recent legal troubles, Katie seemed more upbeat than ever. Lying on the treatment table in a pink thong, she couldn’t help but express her happiness over the procedure. “Had 500ml and I’m absolutely thrilled. Can’t wait to head home and watch Big Brother,” she exclaimed. The treatment, which usually costs a hefty £5,600 for a smaller amount, was performed at a clinic that kept the price tag of Katie’s 500ml enhancement under wraps.

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Fresh Look, Fresh Start

Over the weekend, Katie also flaunted her newly plumped lips after undergoing another cosmetic enhancement. She underwent a special facial treatment called dermaplaning at the Solby Clinic in Essex, which left her skin glowing and fresh. “Just look at my skin today – it’s so fresh and clean. That facial was amazing. I absolutely love it!” Katie shared, showcasing the before and after effects of her treatment.

Katie’s Take on Plastic Surgery

In a candid conversation on The Jeremy Vine Show last year, Katie opened up about her struggles with body dysmorphia and her complex relationship with plastic surgery. Despite moments of regret and concern over the influence of surgery on young girls, Katie admits to going overboard but accepts full responsibility for her choices. “I’ve had more boob jobs than romantic partners, and not many can say that at my age,” she remarked humorously.

Katie’s continuous quest for the perfect look seems to never satisfy her, as she confessed to never feeling content with her appearance. “Looking in the mirror, I just think ‘No more for the face’,” she said, acknowledging the unmistakable ‘surgery look’ she’s acquired over the years.

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A Glowing Example of Confidence

Katie Price’s journey through the ups and downs of fame, legal challenges, and her unabashed embrace of cosmetic enhancements serve as a bold statement of her confidence and resilience. Whether you’re a fan of her choices or not, there’s no denying that Katie lives life on her own terms, always ready to turn a new page and face the world with a fresh face – quite literally!

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