Katie Price Drops Big Wedding Hint With New Beau JJ Slater After Dreamy Getaway


Katie Price Drops Big Wedding Hint With New Beau JJ Slater After Dreamy Getaway


Peter Cover

Love is in the Air!

Katie Price, the always-in-the-spotlight former glamour model, is stirring the pot again with whispers of wedding bells in the air. At 45, Katie has not only captured our attention on magazine covers but also in her roller-coaster love life. And now, it seems she’s ready to take the plunge once more with her new love interest, 31-year-old JJ Slater, known for his stint on “Married At First Sight.”

A Romance Blossoming Online and Beyond

The pair, who started making waves in the gossip columns early this year, didn’t waste time making their relationship Instagram official. From cozy bar dates to spotlight-stealing appearances at events, it wasn’t long before Katie and JJ were the talk of the town. And if you’ve been keeping an eye on Katie’s love history, you’d know she’s no stranger to grand gestures of love.

The Proposal Hint That’s Got Everyone Talking

After a swoon-worthy getaway, Katie took to Instagram to share a snap that’s got everyone buzzing. A neon sign saying “Will you marry me?” set against the luxurious backdrop of Secret Cabins in West Sussex made for a cryptic yet exciting post. Her simple but heartfelt caption, “Absolutely love this place,” accompanied by a love heart, was enough to set tongues wagging.

Thoughtful Gifts and Future Plans

But the romantic gestures didn’t stop there. JJ showered Katie with love, gifting her a beautiful bouquet and an inspiring book, “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse” by Charlie Mackesy, showcasing his thoughtful side. Katie’s appreciation was clear for all to see, thanking JJ publicly for the sweet gestures.

Katie’s Dream: A Big, Happy Family

In a heart-to-heart chat last month, Katie shared her deep desire to expand her brood. Despite the potential need for IVF, she’s determined to welcome more children into her life, saying, “As many as I can.” It’s this blend of determination and openness to love that has defined Katie’s approach to life and relationships.

Ready to Say “I Do” Again

When asked about the possibility of another wedding, Katie’s answer was a resounding “Yeah.” She’s been candid about her whirlwind romance with JJ, explaining that their relationship blossomed from a solid foundation of friendship. Despite the fast pace, Katie believes this time is different, a true love story in the making.

Katie’s journey through love has been anything but conventional. From her marriages to Peter Andre, Alex Reid, and Kieran Hayler, to her engagements that made headlines, Katie’s heart has always been open to love. And now, with JJ Slater, it looks like she’s ready to write the next chapter.

A Love Story Unfolding

Katie Price’s love life has always been a fascinating saga of highs and lows, and with JJ Slater, it feels like we’re on the brink of a new, exciting chapter. Whether it’s another walk down the aisle or simply a deepening of their connection, one thing’s for sure: Katie’s journey to happiness is one we’re all eagerly watching.

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