Kanye West and Wife Cannot Afford Shoes at Disneyland?


Kanye West and Wife Cannot Afford Shoes at Disneyland?


Peter Cover


Can you believe Kanye West and his wife, Bianca Censori, went to Disneyland without telling anyone? What’s even more hilarious was that it seems that for some reason, Bianca wasn’t wearing shoes.

Were the tickets at Disney too expensive for them to afford the tickets AND the shoes at the same time?

It was Tuesday when they were seen there. Kanye, who is 46 years old, and Bianca, who is 29, walked around Disneyland. The couple, known for their striking fashion sense, toned it down with super basic clothes, blending into the crowd. Kanye, a 46-year-old rapper, traded his usual all-black attire for a white hoodie and baggy pants. Bianca, his 29-year-old wife, made a weird fashion statement by going barefoot, simply wrapping her feet in bandages.

They didn’t bring Kanye’s kids from his first marriage to Kim Kardashian. Bianca and Kanye held hands while walking. They went on many rides and saw Disneyland at night. They also visited a special Star Wars event. Despite their celebrity status, Kanye and Bianca experienced the park like regular visitors, even queuing up for rides. A Disney employee guided Kanye through the park, ensuring a smooth experience despite the usual crowds, while a security guard followed closely.


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In one video, a man tried to talk to Kanye, but Kanye just ignored him and kept enjoying his time with Bianca. Their day was filled with simple pleasures, including a ride on the carousel where Bianca, climbed aboard a horse. Kanye was seen recording the moment, sharing genuine smiles as he captured his wife enjoying the ride.


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Even though Kanye and Bianca tried to be like other visitors, they still got special treatment because they are famous. They had people helping them to have a good time without waiting too long.

It’s rare to see Kanye and Bianca like this. They usually dress more fancy or talk openly. This time, they were just enjoying a simple day out, just like anyone else might. What do you think about their day at Disneyland? Have you ever seen other celebrities there? Let us know, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends or hit like if you found it interesting!

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