“Joker 2” Sparks Buzz with “La La Land” Vibes—But It’s All in Good Fun, Says Art Director


“Joker 2” Sparks Buzz with “La La Land” Vibes—But It’s All in Good Fun, Says Art Director


Peter Cover

A Stir of Excitement and Nostalgia in the Air

The latest sneak peek of “Joker: Folie à Deux” has everyone talking! Some keen-eyed fans and filmmakers are spotting similarities between this upcoming blockbuster and the 2016 musical sensation “La La Land.” But according to Austin Gorg, the art genius behind “La La Land,” there’s really nothing to fuss about.

Just a Pinch of Inspiration

Austin hasn’t really paid much attention to the chatter about the resemblances. He casually mentioned to TMZ that finding inspiration from past masterpieces is pretty standard in the movie world. “It’s no big deal, really. Filmmaking often sees a bit of borrowing here and there,” he explained.

Tapping into Classic Cinema

Austin believes that the buzz around “Joker 2” resembling “La La Land” might just be because both films embrace timeless themes and styles that many movies have explored before. He reminisced about how “La La Land” itself was a tribute to old-timey cinema, complete with settings borrowed from vintage musicals.

Magical Moments on Screen

One specific scene that got people talking features Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck and Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn sharing a dance under the moonlight—a scene that might remind you of a similar tender moment between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. But Austin dismisses any fuss about it, saying, “It’s just the magic of movies working to charm the audience.”

He also brushed off any hype about the scene showing Joaquin at the piano, which is reminiscent of Gosling’s performance. “It’s all just classic stagecraft,” Austin pointed out.

A Reflection of Our Times

Austin wrapped up his thoughts by noting, “These comparisons probably reflect more about our online culture than anything else. But I’m glad people are talking—it shows movies still spark our imagination and keep culture vibrant.”

A Cinematic Treat Awaits

Both “La La Land” and the original “Joker” movie dazzled fans with their breathtaking art direction and cinematography, becoming the talk of the award season. It looks like “Joker 2” is poised to follow in those footsteps with its cool, atmospheric, and eerie visuals.

As the release date of October 4 draws closer, the excitement builds up for what promises to be an exhilarating cinematic experience. Get ready for a movie that’s likely to be as spellbinding as it is controversial. Get your popcorn ready—it’s going to be a wild ride!

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