John Cleese: The Ghostly Encounter


John Cleese: The Ghostly Encounter


Peter Cover


Imagine this: John Cleese, one of the comedic geniuses behind Monty Python, claims he’s had a chat with the ghost of his late friend and fellow Python member, Graham Chapman. Yes, you heard it right. The ghostly encounter of the comedy kind!

A Spirited Reunion

Graham Chapman may have left this world, but according to Cleese, that doesn’t stop him from dropping by for a chat once in a while. How’s that even possible, you ask? Well, Cleese has some interesting thoughts about consciousness. He believes that our brains are like TVs, not producers but receivers of consciousness.

The Psychic Connection

In a recent podcast with Bill Maher, Cleese spilled the beans about his encounter with a psychic who connected him with Chapman. This psychic mentioned some pretty specific stuff that only Cleese and Chapman would know about. Like how Chapman used to smoke a pipe and a sketch they did about Freemasons.

Skeptics, Beware!

Of course, skeptics like Maher weren’t buying it. They threw some doubts, suggesting the psychic might have picked up these details from somewhere else. But Cleese had more aces up his sleeve.

Evidence, Anyone?

The psychic also mentioned a parrot and a monkey, which were references to famous Monty Python sketches. And get this, there was even a mention of a lemur named after Cleese himself! Now, that’s some seriously specific stuff that’s hard to brush off as mere coincidence.

The Final Laugh

Despite the skepticism, Cleese remains convinced that he had a genuine encounter with Chapman’s ghost. Maher might have raised some doubts, but Cleese’s stories paint a picture that’s hard to ignore. After all, who wouldn’t want a friendly visit from beyond the grave, especially when it’s filled with laughs?

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