JJ Slater Opens Up About Romance with Katie Price: Talks Marriage and Ignites Excitement!


JJ Slater Opens Up About Romance with Katie Price: Talks Marriage and Ignites Excitement!


Peter Cover

Love at First Sight!

JJ Slater, aged 31, couldn’t hold back his excitement as he dished all about his budding romance with 45-year-old Katie Price. The couple, who has been together for five months, is already envisioning wedding bells. Slater, who gained fame from “Married At First Sight UK,” revealed that he wishes it had been Katie who walked down the aisle on his TV wedding day.

From Casual Coffee to Serious Talks

Their love story began with a simple coffee date, shortly after Katie reached out to JJ following his diabetes diagnosis. The connection was instant. Slater shared, “It all started so naturally. We met as friends, enjoyed each other’s company, and things just progressed from there.”

More Than Just a Crush

JJ admitted he has had a long-standing crush on Katie, even attempting to connect with her years before. “She’s obviously very attractive, and now she’s my girlfriend. I’ve always thought she was stunning,” he confessed.

Katie’s Colorful Past and Their Bright Future

Despite Katie’s history of multiple engagements and marriages, JJ isn’t deterred. He’s looking forward to a future with her, emphasizing their strong bond and shared enjoyment in simple pleasures like cinema dates and cozy dinners.

Age Is Just a Number

Addressing their 14-year age difference, JJ stated confidently, “Age doesn’t matter at all; it’s just a number. We’re on the same wavelength, and that’s all that counts.”

Facing the Critics Together

Since going public in February, the couple has encountered their share of skeptics. However, JJ insists they are unfazed by the negativity, focusing instead on their happiness and normal life pursuits.

JJ’s Past on MAFS and Moving Forward

Reflecting on his time on “Married At First Sight,” where relationships didn’t work out as hoped, JJ feels it’s all behind him now. “It feels like MAFS didn’t happen. Time flies, and you realize not to get too stressed about the intense moments,” he explained.

No Bad Blood with Exes

Although no longer in contact with his ex, Ella Morgan, from the show, JJ holds no grudges. “We’ve drifted apart, but if I saw her at an event, it would be friendly,” he shared, showing his mature approach to past relationships.

In a whirlwind of romance and future plans, JJ and Katie are proving that love can strike unexpectedly and move quickly towards a lifetime commitment.

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