Hungry for Attention: A Tale of Jealousy and Pregnancy Cravings!


Hungry for Attention: A Tale of Jealousy and Pregnancy Cravings!


Peter Cover


Pregnancy is a wild ride, full of ups and downs, and definitely lots of cravings! It’s a time when support from your partner, family, and friends becomes super important. But what happens when your partner turns into a green-eyed monster over your mom’s special meals for you?

The Hungry Partner Saga

Imagine being pregnant and all you want is to satisfy those crazy food cravings. Now, picture your partner getting all jealous over the delicious dishes your mom brings you. Sounds unbelievable, right? This is the story of Genni Fields, a mom-to-be who found herself in this exact pickle!

“I Starve All Day!”

Genni’s partner was not happy. He felt left out and said, “I’m tired of starving all day. I think I’m down to 140 pounds!” He couldn’t understand why Genni’s mom brought her all these tasty treats but didn’t think of him. “Is that fair to me?” he complained.

Locked in the Bathroom

The situation got so intense that Genni had to lock herself in the bathroom just to escape her partner’s tantrums. Can you imagine? All this drama over some home-cooked meals to soothe pregnancy cravings.

Man-Child or Just Misunderstood?

The idea of a man-child isn’t new. Some guys just can’t handle not being the center of attention, even when their partner is carrying a child! Psychologists say this might be due to an “Immature personality disorder,” where some adults can’t help but act like kids.

Viewers React: Roast of the Century

After Genni shared her story online, it went viral, hitting over 10 million views! People couldn’t help but mock her partner’s childish behavior. “Cook your own food!” was the rallying cry in the comments.


Ignore my face 🤣 i had just woken up and was suffering from really bad morning sickess, plus i tend to blunk like that when im over whelmed or feel like crud #abusiverelationship #pregnancyabuse #toxicrelationship #leavemealone #wtf

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A Happy Ending

Luckily, Genni’s story has a silver lining. She shared updates saying she’s moved on from that relationship. It’s a reminder to all the expecting moms out there: don’t put up with nonsense, especially during such a special time in your life.

So, what do you think of this hungry-for-attention partner? Share your thoughts and any similar stories you have in the comments below!

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